East Bay Prisoner Support and Long Haul Inc., two activist groups housed in the same South Berkeley building, won the right to sue federal agents due to the questionable legality of the building’s raid in 2008.

UCPD obtained the warrant to search the building 2 whole months after UC Berkeley animal researchers received a slew of allegedly “threatening” e-mails sent from a computer in the Long Haul Infoshop’s storefront.

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All ur computer R belong 2 us!

Fourteen computers from an “open activist space” and internet cafe called the Long Haul Infoshop are now at the hands of the UC Police Department due to concerns over threatening emails. UCB spokesperson Robert Sanders confirmed that such emails have been sent. Other than that, folks are still pretty puzzled as to the nature of these threats. Are we talking orange level security? Red?

We also wonder what the officials expect to find on these computers, besides porn and drafts of some kind of “Animals = Friends” constitution.

Our favorite part of the story is the part where a witness describes the police raid as involving broken locks and a shattered wooden door. It wouldn’t be a raid if it weren’t dramatic, now would it?

Image Source: Daily Cal
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