3019392695_ae5a3620e5_bSometimes we have small, shining moments in which the universe offers us absolutely nothing to complain about. Hard to believe, we know.

This past Tuesday definitely produced more than its fair share thereof, beginning with our arrival at the PFA for the semi-secret screening of a Feist documentary that, up until purchasing tickets, we weren’t convinced was actually going down due to a strange reticence on the part of the PFA’s site.

And of course it all peaked when, sitting in the theatre pre-show and taking in our hipster-heavy surroundings, we watched agape as Leslie Feist went casually strolling by.

We’ll skip the starstruck exclamatories (omg she was only like six seats away!) and get to the film itself, which is as infectious a delight as the talented songstress at its core. “Look at What the Light Did Now” is much less of a biographical account than read more »