smoke that shit

It’s no secret that the people of Berkeley — or as we like to call our adoptive city, “Luttel Amsterdam” (it’s Dutch for “little” so no corrections, English majors!) — love to partake in occasional doses of Cannabis sativa — or as the cool kids like to call it nowadays, “Marijuana.” Take too many strolls down Telegraph Avenue or Downtown Berkeley and we’re almost positive you’ve got no chance of passing your next drug test. And, given that officials seem completely nonchalant about it, why don’t we just finally make like a Dutch tree and smoke leaves. Get it? … No? … Was it that bad? … Okay, we apologize for that.

Robert MacCoun, professor of law and policy at UC Berkeley, has carried out a new study about the regulation of marijuana in the Netherlands and whether the United States would benefit from a similar system.

According to the Huffington Post, coffee shops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell limited amounts of marijuana to adults over the age of 18. Although the Dutch law still declares marijuana an illegal substance, it also prohibits officials from taking action against the coffee shop vendors or customers.

MacCoun explains that the Dutch system is read more »

Our bad on not writing a LaTech preview. It was Rosh Hashanah, after all. Anyway, this wasn’t the most suspenseful of contests (the Louisiana coach had to slap his players just to wake them up). The preview would have read “look for maximum ownage!” Despite the win, we’re a bit sad over DeSean’s poor play. Especially considering how awesome his first two games were (see above mix tape). “One” certainly wasn’t the loneliest number whenever he received a punt. Oh, and here some other profound thoughts on Saturday’s action:

  • First off, let’s thank Kip’s for turning on the TV late. It’s not like we wanted to see that kickoff return TD or anything.
  • You know you’re playing well when the opposing coach is literally slapping his players.
  • Thank God we were playing a “Tech” team, considering the shoddy reffing.
  • The reverse to DeSean would have worked, but Nate Long&short ran away from a block. Way to be a QB, Nate.
  • We hope this statistical aberration won’t hurt DeSean’s Heisman chase. What kills the Clog is how close DeSean was to having a monster game. If he catches that slant, it’s a loooooong touchdown. And if the refs had granted DeSean’s back o’ the endzone sang, we have another long TD. Still, “Number One” seemed to be playing ahead of himself just a bit.
  • There probably should have been a challenge on that back o’ the endzone catch.
  • Our bubble screens were getting popped.
  • The Clog was happy to see the Bears go for it on an early crucial 4th down play. Has Tedford been reading “David Romer’s work on this topic“? Great Berkeley minds think alike.
  • Heard at Kip’s, after the billionth penalty call: “What is this, a RAIDERS GAME??!!”
  • Also heard at Kip’s: “How are (the refs) going to screw us out this time?!”We like this newly invented “screw us out” phrase and hope it gains more traction.
  • Rex Champion should have been named “Rex Blahquaterbackonamediocresecondtiercollegefootballsquad.” The “Champion” tag doesn’t fit him so much.
  • That SydQuan Thompson block was amazing. If you missed it, you missed the play of the game.
  • DeCoud and Syd both played out of their minds. Props to a improving defense.
  • We understand that Forsett ran for a google yards and looked fantastic. Still, we want more Jahvid. He’s probably the team’s second most exciting player, yet Teddy often glues Best to the bench. Did JB look at “our ass-kicking savior” the wrong way?
  • Twice the announcers said, “Alex Mack is a sweetheart.” Thought you’d like to know.
  • Did anyone see that ridiculous commercial where the kid thanks his mom for blocking his Internet access to porn? Did we imagine it?
  • We don’t have many thoughts on the second half. It got boring in a good way.
  • Shana Tova