Odds are you’re one of the many, many many students who vowed (or are vowing) that they’ll really buckle down and study next semester. To that end, the Clog went to some of the best places for studying on campus. So if you need somewhere to sleep that’s away from your batsh*t insane roommates, or if you just like relaxing in strange and unfamiliar places, the Clog has got some information you’ll want to know.

After going to over nine lounges (some of which would be better described as “lounges”), the Clog staff determined through a rigorous and vigorous scientific method (that was scientifically formulated by science) which lounge is the best bet all-around. We considered the couch-to-table ratio (this one was a biggie), whether food was allowed (the existence of microwaves is even better), and noise level, among other factors.

Without further ado, here is what we found: read more »