off the grid 2

It took us a couple weeks, but we finally made our way to “Off the Grid” — the latest in fantastic foodie attractions to enter the city limits. Though Wednesday night’s weather had turned somewhat sour by the time we arrived at the crossroads of Shattuck and Rose, that certainly didn’t stop the Clog from waiting in line for the cornucopia of noms that the various vendors had to offer.

Other than the unexpected cold front, our greatest misfortune was having too few stomachs to sample everything. That being said, we can absolutely vouch for Liba Falafel; $8 per regular-sized sandwich might sound like a lot until you start piling your pita with ridiculous amounts of free toppings — and did we mention read more »

cupcakeAs the weather gets colder, and the standby treat of Berkeley students (frozen yogurt, of course) becomes less desirable, we are forced to seek out alternate sources of sweetness. And we thought we were onto something.

We enjoyed the red velvet and double vanilla cupcakes from the Cupkates Truck during awkward gaps between classes. The brilliance of the idea was not lost on us. While Berkeley is never at a loss for brilliant baked goods, cupcakes included, these ones came to us. The truck often parked near campus, and were we so gluttonous as to desire two dozen cupcakes or more, we could have them delivered for free. But today, we were thwarted. read more »