You may have seen some of the “Date My School” fliers recently posted around campus.
Date my school? What? Like back in the 90’s where TV commercials showed kids professing their love for breakfast cereal, only to have a sibling tease, “then why don’t you marry it?” Well, turns out is actually a student-oriented dating site (like or, but it’s exclusively for current college students and alumni. Created by Jean Myer and Balazs Alexa of Brooklyn, NY, the new site aims to network like-minded undergrads and graduates looking for everything from “cuddling” to “long-term dating.” (Yes, cuddling is a checkable item under a user’s “looking for” section.) read more »


At the beginning of every Canadian’s American Dream is a cheesy song about California.

We’ve compiled a short and sweet playlist for all to enjoy: whether you are out-of-state/international and can empathize with this never-ending California fascination, or a born-and-raised, in need of a refreshing sense of appreciation for the Golden State. Running commentary, free of charge, is included. read more »

love stinksAh February, the one month where the sun is smiling, the birds are chirping, and love is in the air. Psyche! Commonly titled “Singles Awareness Day,” Valentine’s Day feels the wrath of these very aware singles (dare I say the majority of the UC population?). After all, who wants to be reminded that they will not be receiving flowers and warm kisses on the day of love?

Now there is good news for all you singles! A longitudinal study on romance has recently surfaced, revealing that adolescents who become romantically involved tend to become more depressed than those who are not romantically involved. In fact, even couples who are currently in a relationship (aka have not experienced the dreaded breakup) are more prone to depression than single people. read more »

This post has been edited from its previous content.

Bears Necessity, the youngun of the Berkeley blogosphere, posted an interesting video about a Cal student. Filmed mostly in the RSF, it’s about a student’s quest to bulk up for the affection of a certain lady. We guess it’s the modern, college version of a romance.

We wish we could tell you when BN actually posted the vid, but the blogger recently has removed all dates (and bylines) from his post. What’s up with that? It’s all about transparency, dude. Did you see our bylines?

They’re sexy.

Student Special: Raging Bear [Bears Necessity]