3371810935_4cb6766180_b-1Aw Spring! The time of year where pink and purple girls and boys can be spotted walking through Sproul plaza, when that Bollywood song is stuck in your head all day, when….not your typical spring associations? Well then you are missing out!

Holi began in India as a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. According to Hindu tradition, there once was a demon who began to terrorize the three worlds. Being a typical demonic punk, he threatened the god Vishnu who had earlier destroyed his other demon brother in battle. However, the demon’s son, Prahlad, was despite his demon family tree, a devotee of the good Vishnu. Furious at his rebellious son, the demon asked both his demon sister and his good son Prahlad to sit inside a fire, in order to prove that Vishnu would not protect them. Well, as the story goes, Vishnu stuck by his main man Prahlad, but let the demon sister burn. Holi is the celebration of the burning of the dishonorable sister, and the rescue of the brave son. It is a celebration of life and rejuvenation, which UCB takes part in every year. read more »

Will Crum band

We were just chilling in the Daily Cal office Thursday afternoon, when suddenly, at quarter after 5, that unmistakable sound of amplified feedback infiltrated the space around us. Looking out the window onto Lower Sproul Plaza, we pinpointed the location of said sound as coming from two dudes rocking out down below.

Naturally, we headed downstairs to check it out.

After a brief, five-minute set, drummer Daniel Hodge began packing up, but the band’s singer and namesake Will Crum spared a few minutes for the ol’ Clog, and came over for a chat.

Their jam sesh was actually a “guerilla show,” he explained; an impromptu, small-scale concert that appears out of nowhere and disappears just about as soon as the music stops. Crum told us read more »

cyclists wantedYou might think that tomorrow is just another Friday. All you have to do is make it through a few more tenuous hours of work/class/[other exhausting activity] before the weekend’s sweet embrace sets you free.

But tomorrow isn’t just any old Friday! Nay, friends nay, it’s the First Ever Campus Bike Day!

Say whaaat?

Yes, you heard us: Campus Bike Day.

Since it’s the first of it’s kind, we’re not exactly sure how it’ll all go down, but we can tell you what sort of things to expect, read more »


UC Berkeley students began their Friday evening with an urgent email from faculty, embellished with capitalization and one too many exclamation points, asking us to take a survey to help plan the B.E.A.R (Bringing Energy And Revitalization to Sproul) initiative. Are we as ecstatic about the new program that seeks to renovate and establish new services to the Sproul Plaza side of campus as they are? read more »

tour eiffel...pantalons!

Obviously, we all love Cal and know that there’s nothing quite like walking onto campus with the sounds of the Campanile and the Sproul Preacher Guy ringing in your ears.

But every once in a while, we dream of taking our studies elsewhere — studying the renaissance in Italy, navigating the labyrinth otherwise known as Tokyo’s subway system, brushing up on our Aussie accents down under, maybe even finding out if there are turkeys in Turkey!

We know that for most people, “study abroad” is a parentally-sanctioned synonym for a semester of bar-hopping through Western Europe, but if you’re interested in learning about some of the other perks of taking a global approach to education, we suggest you check out the official UC Berkeley Study Abroad Fair. It’s all going down tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 24) afternoon, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., in Lower Sproul Plaza.

Be there or vous êtes un carré!

Image Source: Geoff Livingston under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Study Abroad Fair [Facebook]

YOU!So, on Friday, we asked “the Twittersphere” (barf) what was happening on Lower Sproul Plaza that might require the large white tent that was being constructed. Tiffany (@noxinova) kindly responded (Thanks, by the by), “I think it might be for next week’s career fair.”

Lo and behold, when we walked past earlier today, there were tables in front of said large tent with large “Career Center” banners. And when we checked the Career Center’s website, it informed us that there is, indeed, a career fair this week.

The ’10 Cal Career Fair, to be exact. It’s going from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. tomorrow (Sept. 14), Wednesday and Thursday. You can find more detailed information about who’ll be there on Callisto. But after extensive scouring of the interwebs, we can’t seem to find the official location. Thus, when we say that the Cal Career Fair will be located in the giant Career Center-affiliated mystery tent on Lower Sproul, take it with a grain of salt. We’re just assuming and you know what they say about that …

Image Source: clementine gallot under Creative Commons
’10 Cal Career Fair [Callisto]


Observe, from the slight depths of Lower Sproul Plaza, the dim interior of a food court, the Cal1 Card Office’s flashy facade, The Bear’s Lair’s patio and a scattering of homeless people sprawled on benches, eyeing your frozen yogurt. Believe it or not, the student body seems to feel that this eye-catching locale could use some work. The results of a recent ASUC survey prod UC Berkeley a little closer toward implementing read more »

Um, this is awkward:

For more cringe-worthy, “WTF?”-inducing fun check out KatyDBates’s YouTube channel. Yes, channel. Highlights include “The Final Oak Grove Scuffle” and “Lesbo FTW.” And by highlights, we mean, well–you’ll see …

Update: Sorry that the video is no longer working.  Hm. Ain’t it strange that not a day after we post, the channel’s “account is closed?” Curiouser and curiouser. 

ZRW Breaks it Down UC Brekeley (sic) [YouTube]
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