Terry Riley gettin musical

Many of our readers will certainly become world famous innovators in their respected fields. This leaves you — the chosen ones — with the responsibility of returning to the university that helped mold you and sharing that world class success.

On Friday, Sept. 9, composer, pianist and UC Berkeley alumnus Terry Riley will be doing his “world famous innovator” duties by returning to Cal for an extremely rare performance of his works.

Riley — who earned his MA in composition at UC Berkeley — is world renowned for his involvement in minimalist music, initially an experimental genre of classical music that rose to prominence during the 1960′s. Riley’s music is highly influenced by read more »

chris thayerTonight’s [email protected] at the Berkeley Art Museum, Pigeon Dealers, explores Sound System culture through improvisational performances of both the musical and comedic varietals. Please don’t ask us how pigeon dealing relates to sound systems, because if you do, we’ll be forced to make up bullshit psuedo-philosophical answers about pigeons’ inevitable proclivity for collaborative consumption and communal head-bobbing (let’s not go there tonight).

Amongst the performers is SF-based stand-up comedian Chris Thayer, who humored us by answering a few questions:

Why do you do stand-up comedy?

I always wanted a hobby that could meet my basic needs. Because I consider my basic needs to be drink tickets, loaves of bread recovered from the compost bin of any cafe that will host an open mic and an endless procession of empty handshakes, stand-up comedy was a perfect fit.

How did the Berkeley Art Museum approach you about getting involved with Pigeon Dealers, and what was your first reaction? read more »