Remember when Tommy Lee and a massive production team came to Berkeley for an “impromptu” jam session, with the intent of airing it on previously unknown channel, Planet Green? Well, the Berkeley episode just aired, though clips have yet to be found on YouTube. Also, the episode apparently isn’t Berkeley-centric, as we presumed. However, Planet Green’s website does give a shout-out to UC Berkeley and our very own Sigma Pi Fraternity, Iota Chapter. From the website for the episode entitled “Trash Talkin’”:

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The Clog loves tips! We especially love tips from friends who inform us that Tommy Lee (of Pamela Anderson fame) is jamming with random dudes on Upper Sproul Plaza in the name of the environment.

Apparently, Lee was on campus today to film a new reality show for an unknown channel called Planet Green. The show is aptly named “Battleground Earth,” and the premise is quite unusual–Lee and rapper Ludacris (whom Lee affectionately calls “Luda the Polluta”) battle it out to see who can highlight green issues best, using the power of entertainment. We don’t really know how a jam session helped him score points against Luda in the green game–but hey, we kind of liked the dirty melange of noise.

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