409512186_f392b6a872Bad news bears for Bank of America customers. You know that obnoxious function of their ATMs that eats your card for the full duration of a transaction — as opposed to Chase’s infinitely superior method of the quick ‘n’ easy swipe?

Consider it the ultimate test of your attentiveness, as there be thieves on the prowl. Berkeley police cite 23 different incidents over the last year in which unsuspecting denizens have forgotten their cards in the machines and been immediately victimized by scammers who hang around waiting for just such instances of tragic neglect.

The bank’s recourse thus far has seemingly been limited to raising the volume on the screaming beepy noise that translates to “grab your card already, dagnabbit!” Super annoying, yes, but effective? You’d think so, but people are dumb. Constant vigilance!

Image Source: Ryan01 under Creative Commons
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