Normally we wouldn’t have two Mailbags in two consecutive weeks, but we couldn’t resist this time around. We just love you guys that much!

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We couldn’t help but notice adfadsf’s approval of our images and wanted to respond to a recent inquiry about our prettyful pictures: The picture was taken off NASA’s Image of the Day Gallery, but we don’t know who the artist is. If you just read that sentence and aren’t adfadsf, we bet you feel dirty for reading someone else’s mail. read more »

mailbox, mailbag, what's the difference?

It’s about time we respond to your comments. This week we received a little outside research from our readers, so we decided to share some recommended reading for you all. You don’t even have any real homework just yet, so you might as well take a look.

First, we got some anti-tree sentiment from aaronrodgersforpresident on Science Suffers Several Severe Setbacks:

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