4924265447_22f8b99d8fStudying abroad. All your friends are thinking about doing it, so why don’t you? It’ll be a nice change from Chipotle for lunch and waiting for the 51B in the freezing Berkeley evenings. Instead, you could be picking up a fresh baguette from Jean-Michel the jolly baker in the morning to nibble on all day and frantically trying to figure out the Parisian metro on your way home from classes. An ideal switch-up? We think so. read more »

Or, you know, not. But in either case, the dreaded Undeclared may find it desperately helpful that next week, from Monday to Thursday, “Major Madness” will take place on (presumably Upper) Sproul Plaza’s south end. It’s almost like the university is putting on an academic fire … sale.

According to the Website, attendees can go to … read more »