Women would never think of becoming scientists to seek knowledge or solve world problems; they would choose science as a career field because they can wear stilettos  in the lab — at least that is what the European Commission video aiming to bridge the gap between female and male scientists thinks.

The above screen shot is just a taste of the whole video. read more »

white eyelinerThe Clog’s back again with another shout out to the lovely women on – you know it – make up tips. Previously, we shared with you a simple, foolproof way on how to clean your makeup brushes with a budget-friendly and still very effective method. Next up is another little tool that you might find useful: white eyeliner.

Highlighting, girls. We’re all familiar with it. Definition is what we’re going for and this thing alone can amp up your makeup in a way that counts with rather minimal effort. White eyeliner helps create the illusion of light hitting certain parts of your face and bringing more attention to it by brightening the area.

Where would we apply this white eyeliner/highlighting pencil? Here are the usual options: inner corner of eyes, read more »


eyeshadowWelcome to college, where girls are blossoming out of their high school selves – unless you were super sexy already and well, you either continue to be hot or are falling apart – to try new things. And we think this upcoming Spring Break is smouldering with not just the potential to be the starting point of your “I’m going to seriously work out for my bikini bod” mentality but also some sexy experimentation. That could mean anything, ranging from push-up bras to dabbing on some perfume.

One of them might very well be makeup. Starting with the basics: eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, maybe even lip stick, a bit of blush, experimenting around with eyeshadow to give your eyes a pop of color – you get the idea.

Then there are the essentials that come with applying makeup: makeup brushes. And so today, the Clog is going to bring you a very useful and budget-friendly tip for the caring of your brushes.  read more »