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It’s about time we respond to your comments. This week we received a little outside research from our readers, so we decided to share some recommended reading for you all. You don’t even have any real homework just yet, so you might as well take a look.

First, we got some anti-tree sentiment from aaronrodgersforpresident on Science Suffers Several Severe Setbacks:

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And we’re not talking solar rays. A (manta? sting?) ray was found on the sidewalk in San Francisco Friday, apparently deposited by some cruel passerby.

According to a witness, the ray was rumored to have flapped 20 feet before it came to its final resting place. Police came, tried to water the poor fellow, but it was all for naught.

It’ll only be a few hours before some distraught family posts up “Missing: Ray” posters around their neighborhood, and then someone will have to tell Timmy that the ray is in a better place. Like the pissed sidewalk of Market Street.

At least somewhere Steve Irwin must be smiling, right?

Image Source: jon hanson under Creative Commons
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