Remember in elementary or middle school, when we were taught to put books back on the go-back shelf instead of trying to remember where they belong on the shelf?

Apparently proper cataloging (and the Dewey Decimal System) was a recent addition to the prestigious Institute of Common Sense, since UC Berkeley musicology professor Davitt Moroney discovered a manuscript missing since 1726: the score of some Italian composer we’ve never heard of.

It’s a case of “Where’s Waldo?,” only instead of a striped-shirted skinny guy waving amidst a sea of people and things, Alessandro Striggio’s hugely musicologically significant Catholic mass waved to Berkeley’s own Moroney in a sea of 100,000 manuscripts in a French library.

Let’s just blame the French and call it a day, no?

Deep in French Library, A Priceless Musical Find [Daily Cal]