tumblr_l96b01l36p1qdhmifo1_500Hey guys! Did you know we’re currently in finals season? Yep. That’s why you’re camping out on the internet and refreshing AnonCon every ten minutes. That’s why you can’t find a seat in public ANYWHERE, and that’s also why you’re sleeping and DGAFing more than ever before. And that’s also the reason you’re getting texts from that random guy you hooked up with like, seven weeks ago. Which brings us to our point: we’re all supposed to be drafting finals papers and studying for our exams, so why is it that all we can think about is sex? ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE. EVERY WHICH WAY. ANY TIME. ANY DAY. ANY PLACE.

We all use the same reasons every semester. We’re bored, we’re stressed and want to blow off some steam, we’re so antsy and just need to release some energy, the list goes on. Here at the Clog, however, we have some different  (and obviously more scientifically supported) theories about why we’re so horned up.*

Since we’re having so much sex with junk food, we want to have just as much sex with humans too. read more »

Much like the lunch poems except not at all like them, the Many Cheerful Facts series continues this Friday, April 9, 2:10 – 3 p.m. at 939 Evans for a talk entitled “An Independent Statement of Pure Mathematics.” The description, according to its flyer:

According to Goedel’s First Incompleteness Theorem there are statements, which are true in the system of natural numbers but not provable in Peano Arithmetic. For about 40 years, the only known statements with this property were sentences of logic asserting their own unprovability or asserting the consistency of a theory. Finally, in the 70’s, an example of an independent purely mathematical statement was found: The Paris-Harrington Theorem.

No formal prerequisites, although some familiarity with Ramsey’s Theorems and very basic under-graduate logic will be helpful.

And please, who doesn’t know Ramsey’s Theorems?

Image Source: mr lynch under Creative Commons