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And just when we thought cultivating MJ would be a lucrative business … Berkeley resident Huy Trinh is sentenced to 15 years in prison for being the Chief Executive Grower of two East Bay locations. read more »

Venice Beach

For all of you who have been up in the Bay, visiting graduations or graduating yourself, here’s a brief recap of what’s been happening down south. In two words: not much.

Some Cloggers stuck here in Southern California sorely miss Berkstown, and we hope to be reunited with Cal and all its solar eclipse-infused glory soon. read more »

weedhatThe Wing Fiesta Bear’s Lair Pub, provider of buffalo wings, safe haven for money-starved-college-student-beer-drinkers everywhere, and beater of clocks since 1962, was also host to this guy, proud owner of the latest and greatest in stoner-wear, last Friday afternoon.

We had to ask the obvious: Why?

“It’s just a phase,” said Navid Shaghaghi, an EECS major in his final year at Cal.

He paused, beer-soaked brain cogs turning, before deciding to tell us a story: “My friend was into medical marijuana. I helped her quit, and I was really happy. But then she went back to it. And she became really mean. I feel like I lost a fight. I lost the battle. So I wear this.”

We asked if he partakes in his headgear of choice, and he said, “I don’t smoke. My dad used to smoke a lot when I was young, but my throat starts hurting and dries out when I smoke.”

Shaghaghi’s parting words? “I can’t smoke it, so I wear it.”

We didn’t question it.

Image source: Sophie Lee, Daily Cal
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smoke that shit

It’s no secret that the people of Berkeley — or as we like to call our adoptive city, “Luttel Amsterdam” (it’s Dutch for “little” so no corrections, English majors!) — love to partake in occasional doses of Cannabis sativa — or as the cool kids like to call it nowadays, “Marijuana.” Take too many strolls down Telegraph Avenue or Downtown Berkeley and we’re almost positive you’ve got no chance of passing your next drug test. And, given that officials seem completely nonchalant about it, why don’t we just finally make like a Dutch tree and smoke leaves. Get it? … No? … Was it that bad? … Okay, we apologize for that.

Robert MacCoun, professor of law and policy at UC Berkeley, has carried out a new study about the regulation of marijuana in the Netherlands and whether the United States would benefit from a similar system.

According to the Huffington Post, coffee shops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell limited amounts of marijuana to adults over the age of 18. Although the Dutch law still declares marijuana an illegal substance, it also prohibits officials from taking action against the coffee shop vendors or customers.

MacCoun explains that the Dutch system is read more »

Cacao. Food of the Mayan gods. It’s all fun and games till you realize the stuff is not necessarily an aphrodisiacChemically speaking, it is a card carrying antioxidant that keeps your blood circulating, prevents clotting, and improves blood pressure. On the pleasure scale, chocolate awakens the same brain receptors called upon in the face of a little plant called marijuana, amps up serotonin, and releases dopamine.

Mesoamerican archeologist read more »

In addition to the City Council’s recent approval of a new marijuana dispensary near Berkeley Bowl West, a TV show aptly named “Cannabis Planet” dedicated to all things MJ will begin this Friday, tune-in-able in Berkeley and Oakland through cable channel 13.

The show is already on the air in LA and features two anchors, one of which awesomely has dreadlocks. Check it out midnight on KOFY.

Image Source: errisiva under Creative Commons
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a beacon of hyperactive hope?Attention North Berkeley moms: Looks like it’s time to dust off that weed butter recipe you haven’t touched since the Apartheid protests. No, not for you. Or your HIV-positive tabby cat. Yes, that’s right … for your kids. Your kids with A.D.H.D.

A recent report from Dr. Jean Talleyrand, founder of East Bay MediCann clinics, revealed that up to 50 Bay Area adolescents between the ages of 14 and 18 have been prescribed medical marijuana to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

UC Berkeley psych chairman Stephen Hinshaw has christened the treatment “one of the worst ideas of all time,” insisting that THC will further drain concentration, attention and memory of the patients. Doc Talleyrand maintains that cannabis is “safer than aspirin” and lacks the growth-stunting, depression-inducing, insomniac side effects of any amphetamine kids are popping these days.

While the treatment does seem pretty counterintuitive to the symptoms of A.D.H.D., the jury is still out. Who knows? Maybe Mommy-approved marijuana will put a few gutter punks out of business.

Image Source: Caveman 92223 under Creative Commons
Medical Marijuana: No Longer Just For Adults [NY Times]

Alright, Berkeley. We know you like to indulge in a little “Mary Jane” every now and then. We can smell it in the air on Telegraph Ave. Annd … pretty much everywhere else in the city. So what say you about this?

Apparently some local networks have refused to air the above ad because it “promotes marijuana use,” but if that glassy-eyed robot lady really is an example of a “real marijuana user” then we must respectfully disagree. Also, we’re kind of in favor of anything that would help the state out of its massive budget pothole (get it? Get it?!). read more »

In news unrelated to the tree-sitter drama (or possibly related), marijuana is as potent as ever. A study released from the University of Mississippi stated that THC levels are almost double what they were in 1983 and have soared to a 30-year high. Oh! You see what we did there?

Uncle Sam issued a press release denouncing the drug that has surely claimed countless lives. The government says, “Listen up, you ol’ hippies.” OK, not in so many words: “Baby boomer parents who still think marijuana is a harmless substance need to look at the facts.”

The fact is the commenters over at Paper Trail are screaming for legalization. Don’t believe the hype! Alcohol bad, marijuana good. End prohibition now, and other such slogans the tree-people could have easily taken up with success in the past year and a half. Zing!

Image Source: Ian Umeda, Daily Cal
Study Says Marijuana Is Now More Potent [Paper Trail]

Yeah, NSS. As if Berkeley would ever say “no” to some grass.

In the event of federal interference with dispensaries, Berkeley City Council urges opposition to and noncooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s marijuana raids.

Is it news to you that weed is illegal? In a nutshell, the sitch’ is this:
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