Happy birthday, Berkeley! Today marks the (official) 141st anniversary of the signing of the charter back in 1868. In case you missed out, there were free cupcakes on Upper Sproul Plaza. We repeat: FREE. [Charter Day]

A reminder: Another anniversary took place this past Wednesday, sans cupcakes. The Iraq War’s been going on for six years now, and what better way to celebrate than smashing windows and spraying red paint across the front of the Marine Recruitment Center? We can’t think of anything either. [Daily Cal]

Speaking of cupcakes, a new study by Berkeley researchers claims to have found the “weight gain gene.” The gene is called DNA-PK and it acts as the switch in the liver that turns carbohydrates into fat. We guess that means people will start saying obesity’s genetic. Oh wait, they already do that. [abc7] read more »

Another angle of ridiculousness has emerged in what seems to be the oaks story of 2008: The U.S. Senate might get involved in the mess of the Marine Recruitment Center after the infamous words “unwelcome intruders” were heard ’round the bay and from coast to coast.

Senator Jim DeMint (South Carolina – R) will introduce a proposal to snatch Berkeley’s more-than $2.1 million in federal earmarks and transfer the sum to the Marine Corps instead. That’s a bitchslap if we’ve ever seen one.
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dsc_0085.JPG Like 4-year-olds with paper cuts, extremist groups are experts at exaggerating distress. Code Pink and World Can’t Wait — Drive Out the Bush Regime, for instance, like to throw around accusations of “police brutality,” whenever the 5-0 does anything that interferes with their mission–even if said cops are simply standing there like a stoic Royal Guard (one that got paid about $93,000 in overtime for Tuesday’s rally, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.)

It’s no surprise, then, that these passionate Berkeley super-liberals are usually brushed off as “the extremist groups that cried wolf.” Actually, they pretty much get brushed off, period.

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dsc_0046-1.JPG Berkeley wouldn’t be Berkeley without its resident crazies and young, blooming radicals. Not surprisingly, both groups filled the anti-war ranks on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way during today’s day-long protest, which drew in hundreds of people.

Think this whole recruitment center situation is quite silly and that many of the people involved are acting like children? Actually, many of the anti-war activists at the rally were literally children–OK, high school students, maybe–and they all had strong opinions, an urgent need to be rebellious and an affinity for excessive cussing. The middle-aged conservatives that picked fights with these kids were just as shamelessly childlike. But seriously, where were their mothers?

Don’t tell us they’re all children of this guy.

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