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You might not have noticed, what with the hustle and bustle of getting home for Thanksgiving as soon as humanly possible, but some people have been getting preeeety upset about the potentially inappropriate police response on UC campuses, these past few weeks.

As such, you could have stumbled upon an email, courtesy of Bob Jacobsen (chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate), proposing a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor Breslauer and Vice Chancellor LeGrande. This message, sent on behalf of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, arrived in inboxes throughout the Cal community at precisely 6:05 p.m. and could be construed as an invitation to attend Monday’s Special Meeting to discuss read more »

Iz not amused.

We at the Clog saw it fit to awaken from our winter slumber to bring you this heartwarming bit of holiday cheer.

It seems three dozen of the UC’s highest paid executives have sent a letter to the Board of Regents demanding a dramatic increase in retirement benefits. Because the existing benefits along with their $245,000+ a year paychecks are clearly not enough.

As it seems, the current calculation does not calculate pensions as a percentage of salary for those earning more than $245,000 a year, instead it calculates benefits only on the first $245,000. We know, it’s tragic. read more »


Check your email, folks, ’cause UC president Mark Yudof just sent you a message. Actually, technically Chancellor Birgeneau sent you an email with a link to Yudof’s letter, but you know what we mean.

Yudof is proposing some changes for UCs. It’s unclear whether any or all of these will be implemented, but they will directly affect all of us, so pay attention.

First, Yudof proposes that employees of the UC continue to put more money into their own retirement plans without any reduction in benefits. Along with this, he proposes that employees hired after July 1, 2013 “will be offered a read more »


Your beloved UC Regents will be holding a meeting next week, Sept. 14-16 in their often-used hangout on UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus. The location is far enough from campus as to detract casual protesters, but close enough that UC Berkeley types can get there with no more than a few transportation transfers and probably some missed classes.

If you happen to be interested in going read more »

Hopefully now that school is starting you all have places to live, are no longer sleeping on friends’ couches, and you’ve successfully retrieved the security deposit from your last living arrangement. That is unfortunately not the case for our esteemed university president, a one Mark Yudof.

Except his security deposit was $32,100, paid for by the University of California, and instead of staying on a friend’s couch while looking for new digs he stayed in the Claremont Hotel. He and his wife have now settled into their new place, but left behind damage at the old one, including a scratched marble bathtub, a broken window shade and a whole bunch of damaged plaster from hanging things on the wall.

For real, Mark Yudof, you couldn’t have spackled before you left? read more »


Well, something worked. After a tumultuous year of panic, protests and flaming Mark Yudof effigies (it probably happened), Schwarzenegger has finally promised a substantial return of funding to California’s higher education system.

Specifically, he announced that read more »


We’ve all heard about the racial problems at UC San Diego. You may have even seen the protest on Sproul. And recently the UC regents met with chancellors of various campuses and a special adviser to discuss how to take care of the system’s intolerance problems.

It wasn’t just San Diego, by the way, before you start blaming SoCal. According to the article there was also “anti-gay graffiti and swastikas at Davis and disruption by protesters at a talk read more »


Do y’all even remember Proposition 209? Some of you must have been such small fries when it was voted into effect in 1996. For a little refresher on your California history, said prop. is responsible for the statewide ban on affirmative action—and it’s got at least one group of people pretty riled up.

Enter a federal lawsuit. Backed up by (deep breath now) read more »

While you may have thought the only thing Mark Yudof has done of late is to throw around words like “student organizing” and “unified voice,” that’s not all the big kahuna’s been up to. He also enjoys writing about nothing UC-related in particular!

via Twitter’s @mark_yudof account:

Dodger Stadium, among others, now to serve Fearless Franks, all-beef quarter-pounders. Hotdog! #Dodgers

Mmm. This is news of the tastiest kind. read more »

When somebody urges you to “write to your congressman,” you usually take a moment to gather your sentiments on the issue, stuff them in a mental envelope and stamp it with a casual hope that the next guy will actually write one.

It’s the winter holidays; don’t be such a lazy f*ck. Hell, this website has got a pre-written “editable text” for you. You basically just have to click send. For the Clog’s eleven word summary of the default letter, read on. read more »

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