Ever wonder what happened to Matthew Wilson since university police found him living near Dwinelle Hall on Aug. 14? Well, for three days after his … discovery? … he stayed in a hospital until his mom came from Texas, after which they promptly decided to eat sushi. [Houston Chronicle]

The Daily Californian published a note by Editor in Chief and President Bryan Thomas, which unfortunately heralded the end of the Daily Cal’s printed Wednesday edition due in part to lower advertising revenue. Shortly thereafter, Syracuse University’s student newspaper cut its own Friday edition. [Daily Cal]

As of today, almost all the trees that could be cut down were. The tree people are confined to one redwood (Wait, a redwood? What?) and received a warning from the university that gives them 72 hours to leave the tree. [Daily Clog

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The search is over for the missing Rice University student whose abandoned car was found in Berkeley earlier this summer.

UCPD found him on campus in Dwinelle Hall last night–wearing all black–after detaining him as a possible theft suspect. Both Rice University and Wilson’s family were contacted.

Police are currently interviewing Wilson about his past eight months of activities and whereabouts.

Image Source: Rice University
UCPD Finds Missing Rice University Student [Daily Cal]
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Missing. A few weeks ago, we learned that a car belonging to a missing Rice University student hailing from Oklahoma was found on Allston Way. We didn’t know much about the case then, but now it looks as if Matthew Wilson, an apparent computer science genius, just wanted to disappear altogether. He may even possess another identity.

The Oakland Tribune points to Matt Wilson’s longing for UC Berkeley as a possible reason for his choice to leave Texas. He passed up the chance to go to the No. 1 public university in the world after receiving a full ride at Rice–but so far, there are no transcript requests at the institution that would indicate an intention to transfer to Cal.

Solve a mystery and join the search for Matt this weekend. The search team meets at 9 a.m. on Saturday, across from the Berkeley High School football field, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday. They need 20 more volunteers!

Image Source: Rice University
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