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The last irrelevant Star Wars photo of the summer

When the Clog chanced upon its first Berkeley City Council meeting this summer, we were expecting it to be a bunch of boring white men talking about boring white men problems. What we weren’t expecting was a spectacle worth missing Taco Tuesdays for.

The Clog would like to thank the characters of City Council and the public commentators for making this summer a memorable one, and for forcing us to sweat immeasurable amounts in that stuffy old room. Here’s our recap of the best and worst moments of Berkeley City Council, summer 2012: read more »

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It’s official folks, Kriss Worthington will be running for mayor this fall. Kdubs announced his candidacy at noon today, saying that he would be running on a platform emphasizing transparency and buzzword buzzword. read more »


Last week’s meeting over sit-lie, if you recall, was adjourned abruptly amid songs claiming “We Shall Not Be Moved.” Well all them folks were most certainly moved. Unwillingly and unceremoniously. And now they and Maaster Bates are both extremely pissed.
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building erectionAnd a summer controversy finally culminates. Remember all the ado over developing Downtown Berkeley (the sprinkling of some new tall buildings)? Well, it really got us thinking about what Downtown Berkeley means to us. The resulting five paragraph essay was straight up too obscene for the internet. It also lacked a conclusion – until now.

The plan that passed over the summer was rescinded Tuesday night in favor of a new one put forth by our mayor, Tom Bates. The old plan allowed for two 180 foot (and if a hotel, higher) buildings, four 120 footers and four 100 footers. That makes 10. Ten tall towers. read more »

105365-04.22.bates.RITCHIE-01Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates may have 72 years under his belt, but don’t let that fool you—the man has not forgotten how to throw his weight around.

Things apparently got kinda physical at an advisory meeting in the David Brower Center last Thursday, when a protester interrupted discussions surrounding PG&E’s Proposition 16 to call out the company on lies, monopoly and the like.

When the protester, one Mark Toney (Executive Director of The Utility Reform Network), refused to stand down, Mayor Tom reportedly took matters into his own hands—literally—and shoved the guy from the lectern. The meeting progressed without incident thereafter.

That’s diplomacy for ya. The moral of this crazy tale? Read up on Prop. 16. Or, stay on Mr. Bates’ good side. Either one.

Image Source: Alexander Ritchie, Daily Cal
Mayor Bates Shoves Protester During PG&E Prop 16 Advisory Meeting [Fog City Journal]