Last week, South Berkeley was shaken by a series of shootings. The police have no suspects yet, but if you’ve got information, you’re urged to call 510-981-5900. The Clog sends its condolences to those affected. [Daily Cal]

The Berkeley community mourns the loss of Cal’s ultimate bando. Robert Briggs, 81, was involved with the Cal band for most of his life, serving as Cornet player, director and, after his retirement, he remained a beloved watchful presence. The Clog sends its condolences to Briggs’s friends and family. [Daily Cal]

Mayor Tom Bates is up for re-election in an epic rematch that’s been brewing since 2002, against Shirley Dean. In Bates’s discussion of “Successes and Regrets,” he makes that whole anti-Marine recruiting thing, and–come to think of it–that whole oak grove lawsuit thing seem like mere blips on his practically flawless mayoral radar. [SF Chron]

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Zachary RunningWolf tries his best, he really does. As of Aug. 11, though, RunningWolf is disqualified from the Berkeley mayoral race for failing to obtain enough valid signatures on his nomination form.

Honestly, we commiserate with the activist-of-all-trades–paperwork is a bitch. Or maybe he’s just bad at math? Candidates had to collect 20 valid signatures. RunningWolf only had 18.

Perhaps names like “Dumpster Muffin” cost RunningWolf’s qualification? We may never know, but we think it’s likely there’s a conspiracy theory behind all of this.

Image Source: Ethan Strauss
Four Candidates Disqualified From the Local November Ballot [Daily Cal]
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As expected, Zachary RunningWolf will run for mayor of Berkeley. You could have sniffed this one a mile away when he tacked on the dump-Mayor-Tom-Bates campaign to the tree-sit, his favorite current pet cause. What’s more newsworthy, though, is that RunningWolf has a functional Website, including a blog and PayPal donations.

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The Clog returned to our car the other day to find something on our windshield that looked suspiciously like a parking ticket. Fortunately, it was just a message from local serious politician, Zachary RunningWolf.

We find it a tiny bit ironic that someone who fights the Man by not paying his traffic tickets would campaign on car windshields–but anyway, we feel bad about missing out on RunningWolf’s benefit concert at Ashkenaz Music Hall, so to make up for it we’ll give him a space right here on the Clog. Some of his plans for mayor, if elected, are:

  • To “implement car-free areas on our busiest streets such as Telegraph and Shattuck,” and thus, leave us to navigate a maze of one-way streets.

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Our esteemed graduation speaker has turned down his opportunity to rule the liberal capital of the United States. After lefty bloggers created a fake Web site to promote the rumor, Danny Glover denied the claim publicly.

Actor and activist Danny Glover—who some were hoping might use his “Lethal Weapon” star power to give San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom a run for his money—is saying thanks, but no thanks.

Can’t wait to hear if he’s going to speak on his nonexistent Mayoral duties or whatev. Convocation invites went out and list Glover as “Actor, Producer, Director, and Activist”. There’s no more help to make the connection between Glover and why he’s a good match to speak at UC Berkeley, though.

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