cannabisThe catchy slogan was popularized by the campaign to pass Prop 19 on California’s ballot in 2010. However, it seemed to have died with the proposition as Californians voted not to legalize and thereby regulate marijuana. Obviously, since it is illegal, marijuana is nowhere to be found in Berkeley. Psyche!

Located on San Pablo Avenue, the 40 Acres Medical Marijuana Growers Collective‘s membership has recently accelerated to over 7,000 locals, making it one of the most significant cannabis businesses in the city. Concerns have been raised as read more »

9730353_f423df1396This story seems designed to necessitate stupid puns. We’ll spare you the jokes about greenhouses and blazing and cut to the chase: Licensed weed growers, according to a recent report, are speeding along global warming.

The study, conducted at our very own Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, took into account the substantial energy required to cultivate medical marijuana indoors –  about one percent of the nation’s overall supply and three percent of California’s — as well as the carbon dioxide produced as a result, which amounts to 17 million metric tons annually and which doesn’t even include the CO2 exhaled when people smoke.

To the untrained eye, these stats do look somewhat outrageous; and according to read more »


Berkeley is already pretty lax when it comes to pot laws, but consider this the green light: two new laws (presumably on the ballot in November) will “greatly expand Berkeley’s medical marijuana industry.”

Under these laws, Berkeley could have as many as 11 “large-scale growing facilities” and “a fourth retail outlet in the city’s commercial districts.” This would be awfully convenient for mourning American Apparel-ites–instead of spandex onesies, read more »

With an astute finger on the pulse of his citizenry, Mayor Tom Bates has chosen to extend his birthday cheer to Berkeley’s upstanding legion of hungry potheads. Last night’s top secret City Council sesh resulted in the approval of a medical marijuana dispensary’s brand new locale.

The local clinic will now be housed in the abandoned chocolate factory sitting next to Berkeley Bowl West. While reps from da Bowl have voiced concern that the clinic’s “patients” will commandeer foodie parking spots, we have a sinking suspicion they’ll be singing a different tune when pastry sales suddenly begin to skyrocket.

Image Source: Torben Bjørn Hansen under Creative Commons
Berkeley OKs medical pot clinic to move into former candy company [Inside Bay Area]

2410625296_5ff7a358ce1It must be said about folks in the East Bay: We may rack up some pretty staggering statistics when it comes to smoking pot, but we certainly do it with class.

Case in point being Stephen DeAngelo, owner of the Harborside Health Center, which definitely isn’t your run-of-the-mill medical marijuana dispenser. Since December, DeAngelo has been systematically testing pot as part his Analytical Laboratory Project. In the business of legal weed, many people don’t realize (or maybe just choose to ignore) that the plant can definitely harm you—or, as DeAngelo puts it, “It’s not cannabis that kills people, it’s all the shit that’s in it.”

“Shit” largely referring to pathogenic mold, which can lead to aspergillus infection—something that sounds really freaking gnarly, if you ask us. DeAngelo’s project concerns itself with testing all the marijuana that comes through the facility for that mold, as well as classifying the samples according to THC concentration. The center is constantly at risk for law enforcement raids, but the good people of Harborside consider their task worthy of persevering, in spite of all odds.

Clearly, there are plenty of us who couldn’t agree more.

Image Source: Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons
The Manhattan Project of Marijuana [East Bay Express]