Is this … a teddy bear lounging in this tree? Our eyes must be deceiving us.

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Campus MAP

It’s summer and you don’t want to spend all your time living in the library. We complied a short list of the best outdoor study places on campus. Each colored dot signifies the location of a photo that has a matching color border (below) so you too can enjoy the sun this summer. Also, remember to breathe in lots of fresh air! read more »

1611765413_d01b66af58_bSummer is almost upon us! It’s time to creep out of our study holes like the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and get a taste of that much needed summer sun. After your tired eyes and pinkish-white skin have gotten used to the shock, we invite you to come lay out on Memorial Glade with us. During this week of RRR, use the Berkeley Beach to your advantage. Here are a few useful tips for your day at this surprisingly grassy seaside.

1. Bring a Blanket: With nothing in between the wet grass and your pasty thighs, your stay at the beach will not be as enjoyable. The grass is often wet and after a while will leave red, itchy imprints on your skin. We assume this is not what you want. So bring a blanket, towel, or old sheet, and lay on it just as you would on the sand.

2. Gain Higher Ground: In our opinion, the best spots on the glade are those that are slightly elevated. Go towards the edges, where the ground is slightly higher, and you will find that your experience will be much improved. First off, the view is better, as you can see all the activity going on around you. Also, you are farther away from the Frisbees, dogs and other nonsense that goes on at the center of the glade. Plus, you get to feel like the king (or queen) of Memorial, looking down on your subjects. read more »

4095665898_1c1806d25c_bFinancial Aid seminars? Not hipster. Enthusiastic people? Not hipster. Science? Not hipster. Dr. Dog? Not … Wait, Hipster!

We were feeling left out. We, the hipsters, are a big part of the Cal community, and yet on the day devoted to Cal and all of its glory, we were beginning to feel a little under-represented. But, the Cal Day concert is our time to show those incoming freshman that Cal is, and always will be, a hipster haven. Adding to the list of indie bands that have played on the steps of the library on this, the greatest of days, Dr. Dog will be presenting their scrappy, country, Philly feel to the people of the glade tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., for free! They will be following in the footsteps of such cutting edge bands as The Cold War Kids and The Dodos.

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So, The Daily Clog was taking its weekly Monday rest on Memorial Glade. The sunlight warms our faces, the birds chirp happily and wind softly ruffles our hair. It’s a peaceful, blissful scene.DSC02364

We were drifting into nirvana, into a deep sleep without regards for earthly pleasures, into a — what is this beeping noise that screeches across the air? Why does this sudden conglomeration of sounds interrupt our slumber? That’s right — construction in front of Evans. read more »


We here at the Clog would like to wish everyone out there a happy Labor Day. Whether you’re a student, professor, construction worker, cop, or cowboy, we want you to know that we appreciate your labor.

We are Cal students, after all. What would we be if we weren’t firmly on the side of the workers (especially in these troubling economic times)? Marx would roll over in his grave. And it’s only fair to appreciate all kinds of labor, from academic (yes, that binder will weigh twice your poundage at the end of the semester) to manual.

Without further ado, then, we propose this: read more »

hey shortySo, um, how ’bout that election yesterday? Who knew pools could be so controversial, eh? Some weather we’re having, huh? [Daily Cal]

Free money for being energy efficient? Can’t hurt to try … [Berkeleyside]

Politics aside, Berkeley is still the LEED-er of the green pack, apparently. Also, see if you can spot the Gorbachev mention! (Too soon?) [NewsCenter]

Summerfest is today on Memorial Glade. Go appreciate people. [Events Calendar]

Earlier: Mixed Bag Edition

Whilst soaring over campus on our Hippogriffs on our way back from a Hogsmeade butterbeer run Thursday evening, we noticed something strange, curious, queerer than a Dumbledorian secret passcode. Harry Potter nerds. In flight. Yes, that’s right. The Dork Parade on Broomsticks Intercollegiate Quidditch Association has officially arrived at UC Berkeley.

The East Coast bred organization boasts over 200 College Quidditch teams in the nation. Considering the high population of caped Rowling fans read more »

It’s seen two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, the Counterculture Revolution, the Free Speech Movement, the rise and mental breakdown of Britney Spears and now it will witness its own mutilation, er, restoration. Sather Gate is gettin’ pretty-ful for its 100th birthday, and at 98, we think it looked pretty damn fine for its age. But after reports of the gate “wobbling disturbingly” in 2007 when the UC Rally Committee tried to decorate it, the gate has been forced to join the legions of Hollywood celebrities who have chosen to turn to reconstructive surgery. read more »

The discerning sunbather will notice that Memorial Glade is no longer as it once was. Picket fences litter the grass. The ground is beginning to bald in some spots and turn to swamp in others. And then the Chancellor went and built hisself a humble domicile on top of it all, replete with crystal chandeliers and lavishly sculpted shrubbery. We’re pretty sure he threw some pretty sick parties in there, ones that none of us were invited to. Sulky face.

That’s all a long and convoluted way of saying that our favorite patch of jumbo lawn is getting rehauled by the university this semester. The restoration’s going to start hogging up space starting now, but the hardcore fences are expected to go up in November. Sound familiar? That’s because the university’s on something of a roll, what with the Sather Gate restoration getting underway this week as well. Bummer – we’re not sure where we’re going to go to chuck frisbees at Fido anymore.  Fie on construction!

Image Source: jasonunbound under Creative Commons
Turf restoration to close Memorial Glade [Berkeley News]

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