We broke into song and dance with the final tree-sitters’ descent nearly a month ago. Anyone with their eye on the game this afternoon was reminded of this fateful day at Memorial Stadium.

The UCPD officers most involved with the 21-month charade were recognized for their perilous acts in the line of duty — and by recognized, we do mean hailed, cheered, and adored by some 6,000 sweaty bodies of testosterone and pigskin hype. The police officers took the field during a pause in Cal’s domination (more or less) over Arizona State, and the roar that filled the stadium was, admittedly, a bit sickening. read more »

Fun fact: During a home football game, one of the safest places to be in Memorial Stadium while an earthquake shakes the game up is the student section, while one of the least safe is the alumni section. But all that might change if a team of San Francisco engineers is correct about their plastic plan to retrofit the stadium.

In short, the plan calls for Memorial Stadium to be partitioned into blocks that will rest on plastic sheets, hopefully preserving the structural integrity (for the most part) of the stadium after the quake—even if that means the people on the blocks might be seated a little differently, according to the project’s lead engineer.

What’s the price tag? Around $160 million, give or take a few million. But it’s worth it to protect what is “widely considered the most beautiful college football venue in the country,” yeah?

Image Source: Hitchster under Creative Commons
Retrofit plan to ride out quake at Cal stadium [Chron]

Another fitting headline may have been: Drones of News Choppers Nearly Drown out Tree Choppers and Sitters.

At any rate, the entire bay area is abuzz as tensions and violence flair at Oak Grove. You think we’re exaggerating? Scaffolding, helicopters and negotiators now surround the redwood that served as a tree home (tree home: like a tree house, but much more comfortable) read more »

Talk is cheap. "Altercation between Berkeley tree-sitters and tree trimmers on August 21, 2008"

It has been an emotional weekend for many at the foot of Oak Grove. Arborists have removed 35 of 42 trees as of Saturday, and are expected to cut down all but one redwood by today’s end.

Our redwood denizens no longer will receive adequate water and nutrition which the university has provided for 21 months. As of Friday, four tree-sitters remained with only one liter of water “to share”. We wonder if the heat will cause the tree-sitters to worry about their redwood’s thirst. UCB claims to have no plans of forcibly removing the tree-dwellers. We think the university is waiting for them to ripen and fall.

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The state appeals court that protestors were banking on to overturn Judge Miller’s earlier ruling also declined to block UC Berkeley’s nefarious designs upon our campus’s sacred oak grove earlier today, thereby incurring the wrath of the Panoramic Hill Association and the gratitude of almost everyone else. read more »

Oh, when will it all be over! The Clog doesn’t care so much about that tree crap as much as people whose livelihood is partially dependent on keeping track of anything having to do with Cal football (which includes the damn stadium that’s on the damn earthquake fault).

Thus, we suggest you go to the commendably thorough California Golden Blogs for in-depth coverage of flinging excrement, grown adults acting like they’re in Never Never Land and high-res photos of Dumpster Muffin’s piss bottles.

In the mean time, we’ll give you a few “updates” on the saga that’s taking forever and ever to wrap–the Daily Cal reports that a stadium go-ahead is likely if they change their blueprints, although actual construction will definitely depend on whether the tree-sitters continue to build forts up there.

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The long-awaited court ruling is finally here–and it’s 129 pages long. According to the Daily Cal, “The ruling states that with a few exceptions, the university’s environmental impact report for the athletic center is in compliance with environmental state laws.”

We think that means, “YAY! WE WON,” but it isn’t for sure. If the uber-long document looks good to campus officials, then it looks good to us. We’ll keep you updated as the press conferences come and go. In the mean time, we still have a few questions.

How will the university get those people out of the trees once and for all? We doubt they’ll come down willingly. And without tree-sitters, where will we go for our daily dose of inane Berkeley drama?

UPDATE 9:22 P.M. - Alright, so it looks like the drama will continue. Daily Cal reporters updated their article and report that the treewok side actually won in-part. Stadium development cannot take place unless the university complies with the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act and the California Environmental Quality Act by drawing up a new plan. In other words, no trees will be cut down … for now.

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Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard e-mailed the student body this evening to tell us to play nice with USC fans. The USC game has always been tense as of recent times, but we can control ourselves just fine, right? It’s easy to play by Poullard’s rules:

* Set a positive example both in and out of the stadium;
* Show respect for yourself, your team, and your university by demonstrating respect towards all around you;
* While you alone are responsible for your actions, you do have the opportunity to set a positive example for others


Monday, Nov. 5, 2007

1:45 p.m., Unit 2 bicycle racks: Found property, sent to UCPD bike bureau for safekeeping.

See? No one stole the bike! That’s nice. That shows respect for others.

Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007

12:30 a.m., Bowditch Street and Durant Ave: An officer talks to a male student, 21, for public intoxication and crossing against a red light. The officer also talks to a female student, 21, for crossing against a red light.

OK, so at least there wasn’t any harm done. A mere scratch on a glistening record.

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007

7:33 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a male, 27, for an open alcohol container.

7:44 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officers talks to a male, 52, for smuggling alcohol.

8:24 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer talks to a male, 49, for causing a disturbance.

8:25 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer talks to a male, 14, for causing a disturbance.

8:28 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer talks to a male, 23, for throwing an object onto field and staff.

8:29 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a male, 19, for causing a disturbance and for public intoxication.

8:30 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a male, 20, for underage alcohol consumption.

9:05 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a female, 27, for public intoxication.

9:15 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a female, 24, for public intoxication.

9:20 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a male student, 19, for throwing objects into the crowd.

9:25 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a male student, 21, and another male, 25, for disorderly conduct.

9:30 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a female, 27, for causing a disturbance and for alcohol consumption.

10:08 p.m., Memorial Stadium: An officer ejects a male student, 20, for throwing an object into the crowd.

Oh. Damn.

Image Source: Nate Tabak
PoLo is compiled from the UC Police Department’s online Daily Activity Bulletin.
Earlier: PoLo: Spies, Suspicion and Sh—Human Waste

A tentative ruling Monday afternoon said that whether protesters provide legal names or not, UC Berkeley is tentatively allowed to remove the tree people fenced in at Memorial Stadium’s oak grove since a couple of months ago.The university and tree people have been at odds with one another since folks set up camp in the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees Zone almost a year ago.We share sentiments with folks at The Patriot on this one, but Beetle’s probably more realistic in suggesting nothing will happen until construction is set to begin. After all, nothing has happened since Oct. 1 when the court first ordered the tree people to leave or face $1,000 fine and five days in jail.We noticed stuff at the NFVSTTZ seems to happen about once a month. Hormones? Couldn’t be. The vegetables they aren’t cooking on propane tanks don’t have hormones.And it is the University of California. Expect efficiency? Pay thousands of dollars more for it at a school that cares.While we wait for the NFVSTTZ to become Tree People-Free, at least we can reflect as deeply about the issue as the girl on her cell phone (see picture).Image Source: Ted Kwong, Daily Cal. Edited by Krista LaneNew Ruling: Tree-Sitters Must Go [Daily Cal]Cal can boot all tree-sitters, judge says [SF Gate]Falling Excrement Prompts Court Order for Tree-Sitters [The Paper Trail]Vegan Nutrition with Dina Aronson, M.S. R.D. [Vegan Family Living]

All this hullaballoo about the construction of Memorial Stadium, and no one seems to care what might have happened to poor old Bowles Hall.

But for anyone who might care, let the Clog allay your fears: that dear Hogwarts-esque dorm will not be snatched from student residents and presented on a silver platter to Haas businessmen after all.

The plan to convert the 1928 landmark dormitory into suites for executives attending the university’s Haas School of Business received an outcry from former Bowlesmen. The controversy was enough for the SF Chronicle to blatantly label it the “Battle of Bowles Hall–tradition vs. money.”

It was also enough to have the Haas project collapse in favor of a more modest proposal for general renovation of student dormitories.

After all the deliberations, the Clog is still curious why there were tree-sitters but no Bowles-sitters. What would Bowles-sitters look like? The two controversial projects were next-door neighbors–it wouldn’t be that hard for the tree-sitters to occupy both areas. Because, yeah, we know trees are important, but that Led Zeppelin mural on the northeast corner of the top floor is just as important.

However, we do concede that it would have been awfully fun to see the Haas Business Executives sing the Bowles Hall Drinking Song.

Image Source: Allison Porterfield, Daily Cal
Plan for Bowles Hall Over; What’s Next for Landmark? [Berkeley Daily Planet]
Battle of Bowles Hall–tradition vs. money [SF Gate]
Haas Plans Educational Center at Bowles [Daily Cal]

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