shorts11-235x300To start off our slew of rather unfortunate news, panelists at a symposium in UC Berkeley’s Alumni House talked turkey vis-à-vis California’s future high-speed rail—and their timbre was less than optimistic. [Innovations]

There is, according to one Berkeley economist, a five percent chance that the U.S. will experience a “depression-causing shock.” We’d be interested to see the breakdown in his math. [Seattle Times]

Want to know the alleged (and disturbing) connection between flu shots, mercury and autism? Enlighten yourself at a Nov. 21 symposium at the UC Berkeley Art Museum Theater. Oh, except it’s 60 bucks. So maybe just Google Dr. Andy Wakefield. [PRLog]

And, in conclusion, a pithy affirmation of all your chronic concerns. []

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null College OTR has a post about the top eight schools that produce billionaires, and Harvard University tops the lineup with a whopping 50 graduates. Close seconds are Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and the University of Legacy Admissions, Nepotism and Privilege. In other words, the offspring of the wealthy tend to become the ridiculously wealthy. Tell us something we don’t know! [College OTR]

Forget college on crack–our main concern this day and age is college … on mercury? Apparently, Crossroads and other dining commons possess concerns about the possibility of mercury tainting Cal students’ all-you-care-to-eat tuna supply. The consequences of mercury poisoning “can be anxiety, insomnia, depressed feelings, agitation and muscle and body aches, (and) it’s really hard to go to class when you’re feeling that way.” [Daily Cal]

The Clog just discovered a college in neighboring Oakland that flaunts a very unique curriculum–and an awesome logo. It’s called Oaksterdam University, and graduating students emerge with a certification in cannabis culture. The school also claims to promote activism–does that include tree-sitting? [Website]