Listen, we know what you’re thinking and we’re thinking it too: mythological creatures have been so underappreciated lately. They used to be the talk of the town, and now they’ve just sort of fallen to the wayside. But never fear! We’ve been brainstorming ways to get them back into the limelight (where they belong). So let’s all imagine for a second. What if the biggest (or lamest, in Stanfurd’s case) universities in California had mythological mascots?! We know, we’re really excited too.

Let’s start with a few obvious choices as a warm-up: UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara.

The UC Davis Garden Gnomes


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For those of you who frequently find yourselves delivering defensive knee-jerk monologues concerning the vast merits of public education to all your bratty private liberal arts school friends who major in things like “Hobism” and “Mermaid Semantics,” you’re not alone. In fact, here’s s’mo fuel for the fire.

Turns out, a number of Bay Area private schools are starting to feel the pressure from President Barack-ccidental to improve lagging (below 20 percent) graduation rates. This presents an interesting paradox for said schools, forced into the challenge of keeping enrollment up while simultaneously keeping the slackers at bay.

Look, we all know how malleable stats can be. And we don’t mean to be catty, or hate on advocates of liberal arts education. Having said that, we can’t help but feel slightly validated with our average *ahem* 90 percent grad rate.

Image Source: wackystuff under Creative Commons
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