Well this is comforting. It’s so nice to hear that whatever challenges the world throws this university’s way, the ASUC will still manage to render many of the things they do invalid by “forgetting” to appoint people on time and otherwise quibbling about stuff no one cares about. It’s almost as if literally nothing has changed over the past year. How delightful. read more »


It is not often when we wholeheartedly agree with Beetle. Today you witness something special.

Although deemed ineligible to run for an ASUC position, Jonathan Gaurano was granted “special status,” and now he’s senator-elect. How did this happen?

1. The Judicial Council said no to Gaurano because he was not a registered student this semester.
2. ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul helped him draft a letter requesting special status.
3. Elections Council Chair Emily Liedblad and ASUC Attorney General Michael Sinanian (remember him?

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) said sure, why not?

But now it seems no one can remember what exactly was Gaurano’s argument in the first place. Beetle points out that there’s something wrong about this whole process involving “mysterious arguments nobody can remember.” We’d assume that if the argument was that convincing, that someone would remember.

Lieblad? Sinanian? Permaul? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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Oh….kay [Beetle Beat]

We know we’ve been sort of neglecting our duties in giving you up-to-the minute minute details about the still ongoing recall election business in favor of covering the, erm, perhaps more pressing elections at hand. As in, the ones that haven’t happened yet. As in, the ones for which we don’t ALREADY KNOW THE OUTCOMES. Ahem.

But yeah, like we said, haven’t been covering the last trickles of the recall shitstorm in any great detail, so here’s a quick update:  read more »


ASUC Attorney General Michael Sinanian. Dude. Only a wizened wizard such as Gandalf can get away with such language. From the Daily Cal:

“These reckless agitators know that their time is limited,” (Sinanian) said in an e-mail. “They know that the truth will soon be revealed, and that I am the gatekeeper of that torrent of shame and disgrace that will fall upon them in the time of judgment.”

Attorney General Sinanian Faces Impeachment Motion [Daily Cal]
The Death of Gandalf [YouTube]

Mo' Mog?

Is it just us, or is this whole recall election biz starting to sound like Watergate? Now that Moghtader has released his smoking gun to the Daily Cal (and a little late, we may add), the results of the recall may actually be more complicated than the recall itself. We didn’t even know that was possible.

Moghtader’s reasons for not releasing the tape earlier include: read more »