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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

People who were relieved to hear about Governor Brown’s decision to veto the legislature’s proposed budget include, but were certainly not limited to, Chancellor Birgeneau. [News Center]

Lucky guests joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the Claremont Hotel for a $1000 event that included, but was certainly not limited to, baked eggs. Groups that could not attend included, but were certainly not limited to, the Daily Cal. [Daily Cal]

We’ve never heard of plasmon rulers, but read more »

michelleobamaPay $1,000 to see First Lady Michelle Obama shooting the breeze with local chef extraordinaire Alice Waters this coming Tuesday, June 14. The occasion?  Breakfast fundraisers for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, taking place at the Claremont Hotel, which reeks of history and stinks of wealth (in other words, entirely appropriate).

To get even more involved, pay more: $2,500 for preferred seating (a better view of the two ladies noshing, perhaps?), $5,000 for the photo reception and a whopping $25,000 to be a co-host of the event.

Image source: arvindgrover under Creative Commons

357240460_d2eb6da658We’ll admit it, we’re a little bit bitter. The Daily Cal announced today that Chris Gardner, author of the memoir-later-turned-Will Smith film “The Pursuit of Happyness” will be this year’s graduation commencement speaker. Meanwhile, Steven Chu–Berkeley Professor, former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and recently appointed Secretary of Energy–will speak at Harvard’s commencement.

So Steven Chu–currently in the pursuit of alternative and renewable sources of energy and formerly director of LBNL–will be giving a speech to some Ivies over on the East Coast and Gardner–who lives in Chicago–will trek over to the West Coast to talk to us. So we get the ex-homeless guy who quotes dudes who can’t spell and Harvard gets the schmancy scientist man-turned-member-of-the-Cabinet. Isn’t this a waste of energy? read more »