dsc_0086.JPGThanks to voting season, Code Pink recently stepped up its protest game against Shattuck Avenue’s military recruitment center, much to the annoyance of everyone but the City of Berkeley. We certainly hear a lot of support for the formerly pink-clad bunch whenever we’re in the vicinity of Shattuck Square (they now prefer Guantanamo orange), but the Clog–and The Daily Californian, for that matter–is not among those supporters. However, we’re obviously in the minority: Code Pink still had their way with the City Council on Tuesday and snagged a temporary parking spot, among other things.

One of the nine council members, Gordon Wozniak, opposed the resolution and the parking spot.

“I believe in free speech, and I certainly respect the right of Code Pink to protest,” Mr. Wozniak said. “But I’m also concerned we treat all sides fairly, and I think the Marines recruiters are just doing their job. They’re not evil people.”

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