2942333106_45dda28d61Some good news for the chronic losers among us: The UC Police Department has recently refurbished their lost and found website, making it “much more user-friendly.”

Items that are returned to the campus lost and found in the basement of Sproul Hall are listed in the online database, where they can be sorted by description, item type, and date found. You can also report lost items using the web service. “I will do almost anything to get (your) stuff back,” says Gabrielle Voit, the current lost and found supervisor.

Unless that stuff happens to require “an adult party store and some lung power” to replace, in which case the campus police would refuse to return it. A … party-themed air mattress? A beach ball? An … Oh. Oh dear.

So leave that stuff at home, kids (more accurately: sad, creepy adults). Or at least in some place where you won’t forget it.

Image Source: stuartpilbrow under Creative Commons
Lose your stuff? Don’t lose your head, just click here. [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]