Books, books and more books! If you haven’t heard of Moe’s Books yet then shame on you! This venerable establishment scored as this year’s best bookstore in the Berkeley area once again, and the Clog brings more good news, depending on how much of a bookworm you are.

Moe’s Books has four stories of literature of every kind you can imagine! From modern releases to centuries-old classics, Moe’s has nearly everything. You knew that already, didn’t you? But what you might not know is that Moe’s had a recent upgrade to their collection. Unfortunately, this upgrade consists of math, art, language, philosophy, Sinology (what’s that?), Middle East, Indo-European studies, many academic French language titles and some rare sheet music. Okay fine, maybe for some of you out there this is a great time to rejoice but be warned: the new titles have already trickled into their respective shelves. Anyone less than a Moe’s veteran probably can’t spot the newcomers (but you can always ask the help desk).


“All men by nature desire knowledge.”
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Reading out loud is a skill that requires finesse. Nothing is worse when you are forced to read out loud to your peers, only to transform what used to be elegant prose into a stumbling, monotone mess. That said, whatever skills you may have at recitation (if you are good, the Clog is infinitely jealous), everyone can enjoy the art of listening. Berkeley offers many reading events where authors read excerpts from their own work and talk about their creative process. Local bookstores such as Moe’s Books and Mrs. Dalloway’s regularly host reading events to promote newly released titles. On campus, English faculty members  Vikram Chandra and Melanie Abrams hosts a prose reading session every second Thursday of each month at Morrison Library with their Story Hour program.  As you can see, there is no lack of opportunities to be able to gaze at the aura of the Author (yes, it needs to be capitalized). read more »


Image source: Pink Sherbet Photography under Creative Commons

This is how we all feel when we read, right? Forget the unflattering flourescent lighting of Main Stacks or the unforgiving boldface type of your biology textbook–let’s all take a leaf out of LeVar Burton’s book and remind ourselves that reading is FUN! (Especially in Berserkley, where bookstores nearly outnumber sane people.)

So, without further ado, the Clog presents our thoughts on some of the bookstores around Berkeley (and yes, several conveniently close to campus). Now there are no more excuses–go buy yerself a novel and get eddicated! read more »