If you’re pithy and in need of money, then boy do we have a humdinger of a scholarship for you!

Twitter is back, and it’s not just for celebrities anymore. It helped in Iran, and it can help fill your pockets. So what is this (apologies in advance for the unavoidable pun) “Tweet” deal?

Well, Twitter is giving out $14,014.00 in scholarships (presumably in an adorable homage to their own 140 character limit). First prize is $10000 big ones. What you have to do is quite simple: read more »

Alright, Berkeley. We know you like to indulge in a little “Mary Jane” every now and then. We can smell it in the air on Telegraph Ave. Annd … pretty much everywhere else in the city. So what say you about this?

Apparently some local networks have refused to air the above ad because it “promotes marijuana use,” but if that glassy-eyed robot lady really is an example of a “real marijuana user” then we must respectfully disagree. Also, we’re kind of in favor of anything that would help the state out of its massive budget pothole (get it? Get it?!). read more »

In a time of economic crisis that seems to permeate every fiber of everyone’s being, Berkeley has managed to win a quantum of solace (you’ll see how cheesy that was in a second, here), in the form of an $11 million grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to build a Center for Integrated Precision and Quantum Measurement. This center is planned for the basement of the new Campbell Hall, which will eventually take the place of the old Campbell Hall … which is still standing. Hm.

Anyway, Berkeley’s proposal proverbially drop-kicked the competition, beating out about 100 other applicants for the big Science bucks. Michael Crommie, Berkeley physics professor and the project’s main dude, told the Daily Cal that “The facility at Berkeley is targeting research in a bunch of delicate quantum measurements in the realm of physics … ” Ooh, that’s tender, brah. He also stated that another goal of the project is “to create a low-noise, high-stability facility.” Because, lord knows those physicists can get some major ragers going when particles start a-flyin’. The Clog approves.

Image Source: cayusa under Creative Commons
Technology Institute Awards UC Berkeley $11 Million Grant [Daily Cal]

With the UC Board of Regents threatening to cut enrollment without more funding from the state and a recent phenomenon of beginning sentences with “With the economy as it is … ” it seems that Berkeley thinks it’s finally time to tell us what everybody already knows: the economy is failing, nobody has any money and we’re all screwed. Surprise!

Looming state budget shortfalls, declining endowments and tuition increases, oh my! Sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a symposium will be held this Tuesday to discuss the economic fate of the UC system and do what Berkeley does best: hold open forums for discourse on important controversial topics. Hopefully, though, this one will actually help solve the problem and not just provide a safe space for letting off steam. read more »

Now that you’ve rested from your five-hour wait in line for the new iPhone (followed a week later by your three-hour wait for the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight”), you’re wondering what to do with your janky, first-gen iPhone.

Sending it in to FreeiPhoneSwap is a possibility. They brag that by doing so, you get to be the greenest kid in town. We mean that in the environmental and the financial sense. But wait, hold the phone (bad pun)! The Times suggests that FreeiPhoneSwap may be profiting off of your phone by selling those babies to buyers like non-AT&T subscribers.

Hmm. Not a bad idea. We’re not tearing down FreeiPhoneSwap, we’re just suggesting that you maybe able to get rid of the middle man and add a little more heft to your piggy bank.

Image Source: edans under Creative Commons
There’s Lots of Money in Those Old iPhones [NY Times]

Are you rolling in dough? Do you have so much cash that you don’t even know how to begin spending it?  We thought so. That’s why we were so totally relieved when we heard about Donation Dashboard 1.0, a new website developed by a team comprised of Berkeley Prof Ken Goldberg, and some grad students at Berkeley’s Automation Sciences Lab for the Berkeley Center for New Media.

Basically, the site uses a complex algorithm that we could never hope to properly grasp called Eigentaste to match willing donors who don’t know where to donate their cash-monies with non-profit organizations based on the donors’ ratings of sample organizations and their descriptions. read more »

Earlier this week, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert “Canuck Bobbby” Birgeneau announced a $113 million dollar donation to the campus. The grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is the largest gift in the history of the campus. The university claims that the money will fund 100 endowed chairs across the campus. However, using our leet reporting skillz, the Clog has uncovered the real programs on which the money will be spent. A breakdown of the gift:

* $33 million to hire Rudy Giuliani as a consultant to work on ways to strengthen the Memorial Stadium fence.

* $14 million in emergency spending to help Beetle fight his crippling addiction to caring about the ASUC.

* $23 million to buy Jeff Tedford a solid-gold golf cart to ride around on during football games.

* $100 billion to take over the world. OK, so we’re a little short. – according to Christine

So now you’re graduated. Or you’re on track to graduate in, like, five years. So after being a super senior, what the heck are you going to do with the rest of your life?

We just want to say one word to you: plastics.

Yeah, maybe in 1967.

US News and World Report released a report on the best careers for those carrying a bachelor’s degree. And English majors won’t be living in cardboard boxes after all.

The top highest-paying careers are as follows:

bq. 1. Management Consultant – $96,245 – Bachelor’s in Business

bq. 2. Fund Raiser – $78,902 – Bachelor’s in Business

bq. 3. Actuary – $75,062 – Bachelor’s in Accounting

bq. 4. Engineer – $72,156 – Bachelor’s in Engineering

bq. 5. Systems Analyst – $70,438 – Bachelor’s in Computer Science

bq. 6. School Psychologist – $63,029 – Bachelor’s in Psychology

bq. 7. Registered Nurse – $59,046 – Bachelor’s in Nursing

bq. 8. Editor – $52,443 – Bachelor’s in English

bq. 9. Landscape Architect – $49,974 – Bachelor’s in Architecture

Of course, you can earn more being, say, a doctor or a lawyer. But those careers involve more than a bachelor’s. One would hope.

But if you’re pretty much done with school effing you over, that there list is your guide to the top-dollar life of a college grad.

Yeah, only if you could get into Haas.

Best Careers 2007 [US News and World Report]
Highest Paying Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree Grads [Education Nation]

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