OK, people, this is short notice, but it’s not like you were planning on doing anything important tonight, right? A group project, you say? We say, pshaw — go learn about the future of the Internet instead.

The talk, taking place tonight Oct. 25 from 4-5:30 at 202 South Hall, is led by representatives from Cisco and Monitor Group’s Business Network. They will be talking about the results of a report called “The Evolving Internet” authored by both companies. And they will be talking four scenarios for the future of the Internet. According to the event blurb,

One scenario describes a familiar roadmap in which the Internet continues on its trajectory of unbridled expansion and product and service innovation. The other three challenge that future, and in the process illuminate various risks and opportunities that lie ahead for both business leaders and policy makers.

They’re looking at the scenarios panning out from now to 2025, and they’re anticipating a lot of ch-ch-changes. It’s unclear if we’re talking robots emailing each other or stuff about new ways to synergize backward overflow. Either way, though, it should be interesting (but please, please, let it be the robot thing!).

Image source: alternark under Creative Commons
The Evolving Internet: Driving Forces, Uncertainties, and Four Scenarios to 2025 [UC Berkeley Events Calendar]