img00308In case you were wondering what kind of stoned sucker would pay the same price for a bowl of cereal that they’d pay for a whole box, or why anyone would want a “cereal sandwich” composed of peanut butter, cereal, banana and granola, then you’re not alone, because apparently everyone else was wondering the same thing



Besides the obvious turnoffs–exorbitant prices for unappetizing menu selections, we suspect that the underwhelming atmosphere (cardboard cutouts of cereal mascots, no music, IKEA furniture), the surprisingly complex menu (that was also pretty tackily printed), the lack of seating and the fact that the place also serves salad (we don’t want to think about lettuce when we’re chowing down on our whipped cream and strawberry-covered Fruity Pebbles, thank you) may have also been the source of its inevitable downfall. read more »

The only time that we’re up and about at 8:00 a.m. on Telegraph Avenue, we’re still half asleep and trying to remember why we enrolled in such an early class.

So when, exactly, does Moolicious intend on roping in breakfast-starved students?

At any rate, our only job is to speak from the palate. We weren’t too excited about paying $3.50 for a bowl of cereal, regardless of how big the serving or what kind of magical mixture was conjured to earn it such a name as “The Good Life”.

Instead, we sunk our sweet tooth in a sandwich of Cheerios, Nutella, and raspberry jam. Delectable–sweet, crunchy, not too gushy and all contained in one little sandwich. Yet not too little … we had to doggie-bag the other half of the entree to save for dinner (yes, dinner. Don’t judge our fat-ridden diet). read more »