mountain lion

Spotted: Mama mountain lion and her babies roaming around the Berkeley hills and instilling fear in the staff of the Berkeley Lab.

This isn’t the first time this year — on July 19, a mountain lion and her cubs (perhaps the same one?) were spotted at the Greek Theater. read more »


Just when people were getting over the original mountain lion, we have this news: a mountain lioness and her two cubs (along with deer and goat carcasses) have been spotted near the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Before you get weepy, scientists have ascertained that said cubs are not the offspring of the dearly departed Gourmet Ghetto mountain lion. He was only two or three and not old enough to have kids (sniff). And mother and cubs are not infiltrating human society, but just going after their normal prey  (Bambi). So there’s no need to interfere with them yet.

If you see them, though, a spokeswoman from the lab suggests waving your arms and then picking up anything near you and throwing it at them to make them go away. But you’re in no immediate danger until the mountain lioness gets the urge to take the kids on a little field trip to the inside of Lawrence Berkeley Lab. We’re told it’s very educational.

Image source: ahisgett under Creative Commons
Mountain lion and two cubs spotted in Berkeley hills [Berkeleyside]
Visitors warned of mountain lion mother and cubs in Berkeley Hills [Contra Costa Times via San Jose Mercury News]

nice kitty

Everyone’s favorite feline is once again making headlines, this time, posthumously.

A street memorial has popped up in downtown Berkeley at the sight of last week’s controversial mountain lion shooting. Candles, flowers and heartfelt notes placed near the Walnut St. driveway commemorate the cat’s untimely demise.

While many have used this event to push forth their own political agendas—the protection of wildlife and the safety of local residents are the two main players, here—we at the Clog find this kind of campaigning just a tad bit inappropriate.

Rather than choose between Team Police or Team Furry Animals, we’d simply like to take a moment to honor the closest thing to Jumanji that will ever happen to us. We hope.

Image Source: contemplicity under Creative Commons
Only in Berkeley: Slain Gourmet Ghetto Lion Gets a Memorial [NBC Bay Area]

mountainlion Following our post Tuesday about the unfortunate mountain lion who was killed by police after a chase through North Berkeley, the story has gained some more attention.

Berkeleyside has been following the story almost as closely as they cover the stealth street-knitting beat. After comments questioning the police officers’ decision to shoot rather than tranquillize the animal, they had a post explaining the rationale. (Short answer: police don’t carry tranquillizers.)

The following day, there were reports that enraged cougar enthusiasts had been calling into the Berkeley Police Department read more »