If you’re incredibly thrilled about returning to school or finally getting out of your parents’ house (we’re looking at you, freshmen and Haas MBA students), nothing will snatch that enthusiasm, throw it on the ground and spit on it more than move-in day (move-out day is just as dreadful, but we’ll write about that in nine months). And if one day wasn’t enough, Cal housing has decided that Move-in Weekend is a much better way to extend the misery.

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We at the Clog send our warmest welcomes to everyone on their way back to the Berkeley bubble for the exciting new school year–especially the freshmen. Our condolences on your weak, two-day Welcome Week.

Need some extra help getting settled into this brand new phase of your life? We at the Daily Cal try our best–on Thursday, we released a special issue of its daily newspaper aimed especially at Cal noobs. From Berkeley’s political history to an explanation of the Big Game and the Cal-Stanford rivalry, you’ll pretty much have a head start on becoming a full-fledged Cal student with all the helpful tips we’ve so lovingly compiled.

Image Source: The Daily Californian
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