fireA multimillion-dollar observatory that was in hot water earlier this week due to the proximity of the Station Fire is now in the clear.

Mt. Wilson observatory in Southern California has been the site of many an astronomical discovery. So researchers were understandably rattled when the massive fire got a little too close for comfort.

It’s possible that the smoke and temperatures from the fire may still have damaged some of the equipment and the observatory and may require some repair. However, we’re sure the researchers will be much happier to return to a lightly-smoked rather than well-done workplace.

Image Source: john curley under Creative Commons
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shorts11-235x300Just in case we didn’t slather on the emphasis quite heavily enough. [Daily Cal]

In other awesome performance news, the Individual World Poetry Slam 2009 looms ever nearer on the horizon. We’d insert some sweet flow here, but it’s a little too early in the a.m. to be embarrassing ourselves. [InBerkeley]

Something completely unrelated to music: UC Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Hearst Museum wants to return a collection of Japanese remains from World War II to their country of origin. Only problem is, the bones might not be Japanese. Minor detail, right? [SFGate]

You know that fire? The one blazing away just a jaunt and a half to the south? Turns out Mt. Wilson, home to an observatory where UC Berkeley and other schools are invested in “multimillion-dollar astronomy projects,” is in significant danger of going up in flames. Not that this is more important than people’s lives, or anything. Our narcissism (read: douchebaggery) isn’t quite that advanced. [LA Times]

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