800px-yes_it_does.jpg Since many of you readers are hugely excited about the Mar. 3-8 “Reclaiming the Space” Week–during which down folks will “fuck shit up,” according to the Facebook invitation–we at the Clog decided to do a whole post dedicated to a subject quite dear to our, and presumably your, hearts.

Let’s talk about diversity! So, other than reclaiming the Multicultural Center, here are a few more recent items that have Berkeley bubbling about race issues:

UC Berkeley now has a $5 million Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion that will help study ways to make people feel more equal and included. We personally believe that feeling included comes partially from the attitude of the “exclusive” group, partially from within yourself and partially from multi-culturally colored sofas in Heller Lounge. [Daily Cal]

Did you hear about Allen Jackson, the President of the NAACP Berkeley Chapter who claimed that all Berkeley police officers were out to kill as many black people as they can? His remarks came after Berkeley resident Anita Gay was shot by an officer two weeks ago. Apparently, the NAACP itself does not condone the President's remarks. Oh, overzealous activists--see, Code Pink? Look what you started. [Mercury News]

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2123658344_feceab3394_b.jpgVisualize Heller Lounge–yes, that huge, carpeted space at the bottom of the Martin Luther King Student Union. Chances are, you’ll picture it as what it honestly is to most of the student population. It’s a study lounge that sometimes closes off to hold events, thus pissing off the many people who usually read, eat or sleep there before class.

But Heller Lounge is not supposed to be all about about the comfy, drool-stained sofas! No, it’s also the temporary home to Berkeley’s Multicultural Center. If that’s news to you, you’re not the only one–but organizers across student groups are now coming together with a plan to change all that. This week, they’re charging up for a week of teach-ins that will lead into a flood of events during “Reclaiming the Space Week” Mar. 3-8.

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