3457689361_f8328547d7On the off-chance that you’ve been getting all your campus news from the Clog alone, well, for starters, we’re flattered. But there have been some alarming goings-on of late where our student government is concerned, and while you should definitely check out the Daily Cal for the deets, we figured it’s about time we break it down for you here as well.

In a nutshell, the UC Berkeley administration is screwing up. As of July 1, the oversight of the ASUC Auxiliary was realigned from the Office of Administration and Finance to the Division of Students Affairs. The transfer was spurred in part by recommendations from the Operational Excellence Initiative and, more importantly, with very little input from student leaders and without adequately informing or involving the student body as a whole.

Furthermore, June 29 saw the abrupt retirement of ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul, who read more »