NakedNo, not that kind of naked! Naked as in the juice!

There’s a big ol’ canopy pitched on Upper Sproul Plaza (next to Sather Gate, you can’t miss it) and passersby can stop and taste a free sample of their popular flavors!

You all know how much we Cloggers love free food, and this little surprise definitely made walking to class a whole lot sweeter. We had a sip of our personal favorite, read more »

Our vision of the future of transportation has always been something like the Jetsons’s atomic-powered bubble or Disneyland’s Monorail, so who would have thought UC Berkeley scientists would pioneer the cars of the future out of a material dating back to 24,000 BC?

Well, this is obviously not your average ceramic, it’s more like the ceramic equivalent of the Hulk or that Naked Juice Superfood stuff. But what makes this particular ceramic so strong? Apparently, the material is a synthetic version of nacre (aka mother-of-pearl), a porous material that lines abalone shells. Wait, shells?

This multi-purpose wonder material can function as an insulator and structural element in buildings, a lightweight bulletproof vest, vehicle armor for the military, or as the frame of a car or jet instead of steel to save fuel. Don’t be scared, you won’t be taking a drive or traveling thousands of feet in the air in an oversized coffee cup–this stuff has been tested by Berkeley’s best. Who would have thought that the answer to the future was right in our cupboards all along?

Image Source: Chubby Bat under Creative Commons
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