The Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) has found its way to some well-deserved cash money, as of late. The City of Berkeley bestowed two Money for Energy Efficiency (ME2) grants to the BSC that reach a combined total of over $40,000. These funds will be put to good use — replacing old heating systems with high efficiency furnaces in Davis House and Oscar Wilde House, just two of the many houses within the BSC.

We’re stoked for the co-ops, and simply hope that these new and improved heating systems don’t cause any reduction of naked runs or other nude shenanigans that are so beloved on this campus.

Image Source: bfishadow under Creative Commons
Berkeley Student Cooperative Leverages Utilities Savings to Win Federal Stimulus Funds [BSC]

In case you were actually studying or something during finals, and you were not lined up along the pathway on Level C of Main Stacks (psh, you intellectual elitist) then you missed over 3 dozen co-opers freeing themselves of their intellectual and material burdens as they streaked through the stacks this past Monday.

The annual naked run through the library makes UCLA’s Undie Run look about as radical as wearing neon colors and making obscure references to ninjas. So next year, instead of going on Facebook for the 100th time or watching reruns of The Simpsons to liberate your mind from finals, why not liberate your body from its material bonds–or just be a creeper and watch the parade of nudity, like us. We’re not judging, either way.

Cal Streakers Finals Week-Fall 2008 [YouTube]