Some people swear by the power nap, others simply call it a myth. The power nap is traditionally thought of as an afternoon nap that lasts somewhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. When done right, Power napping has numerous benefits. A power nap relieves stress and allows you to re-energize. You’ll also be more productive and alert when you return to work. According to Web MD (Dr. Web is a real doctor right?) there are few main keys to power napping.

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Tomorrow, March 28, at 8:30 p.m. you can show your support for awareness of the effects of  global climate change and your concern about humanity’s dangerous energy-wasting habits by turning off your lights for one … whole … epic … lightless … hour.  Cities around the world–curiously not including self-proclaimed green messiah of a city, Berkeley–have pledged to do the same. read more »

Doth not sleep feel good?

While the big story today is the university being forced to empty out its pockets, we at the Clog are more interested in what really matters: sleep. We must start this semester off on a good foot by proactively reclaiming the sleep we all deserve.

Unfortunately, that sleep isn’t very much. Wired, however, offers some interesting tips to making every dozing minute count.

Wired recommends sleeping polyphasically, which is a big word for a lot of little naps. Here’s how:

1. Take a 20-minute nap every four hours.
2. Stick it out throughout the week.
3. When you start dreaming again, you’re golden.
4. Pray that there aren’t horrendous long term effects.
5. Don’t shoot the messenger when there are.

How to: Count Cards, Hang a Flatscreen, Sleep Two Hours a Day [Wired]