Some people swear by the power nap, others simply call it a myth. The power nap is traditionally thought of as an afternoon nap that lasts somewhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. When done right, Power napping has numerous benefits. A power nap relieves stress and allows you to re-energize. You’ll also be more productive and alert when you return to work. According to Web MD (Dr. Web is a real doctor right?) there are few main keys to power napping.

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So, The Daily Clog was taking its weekly Monday rest on Memorial Glade. The sunlight warms our faces, the birds chirp happily and wind softly ruffles our hair. It’s a peaceful, blissful scene.DSC02364

We were drifting into nirvana, into a deep sleep without regards for earthly pleasures, into a — what is this beeping noise that screeches across the air? Why does this sudden conglomeration of sounds interrupt our slumber? That’s right — construction in front of Evans. read more »