Every girl you know with a septum piercing and a thing for Jews hightailed her androgynous-footwear to the Multicultural Center Friday night with a single hope: to get extremely loud and incredibly close with bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer. And his glasses. After a reading from his new non-fiction book, “Eating Animals,” Foer engaged in an hour-long dialogue with Berkeley meat eaters and others alike.

While some think the book is nothing more than a glorified PETA pamphlet with cutesy cover art, we did learn some neat stuff: read more »

Tonight may be your chance to reduce poverty AND see a Harvard graduate speak!

We suppose the Harvard graduate part is less exciting than Natalie! Portman! “Garden State!” “Star Wars!” or, as the UC Berkeley events calendar notes, “Golden Globe Award-Winning actress and social activist”! Because, you know, celebrities do a lot to bring a crowd to obscure Northside buildings for a lecture on poverty.

We’ve never been inside Bechtel Engineering Center (Near Cory Hall, you say? Never heard of it.), but if some lonely EECS major happens by to catch a glimpse of the female Keanu Reeves saving the world, Portman (and the solving global poverty through microfinance something something) can be found tonight in Sibley Auditorium at 6 p.m.

Don’t need a youthful celebrity name in capital letters to pique your interest in ending poverty? Want to save the world on your own? Here’s the organization Portman is representing.

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