It’s time to pull out that inner school spirit and support Cal’s up and coming comedians. A team of UC Berkeley students are participating in the 5th annual National College Comedy Competition,which as the name suggests, is a nationwide stand-up comedy competition between various universities. Cal’s team, which is composed of Dash Kwiatkowski, Eli Peterson, Rose Guthrie and Varun Rajan, has beaten Standford (of course) in the regional round and is currently competing against UC Santa Cruz in the quarterfinals. read more »

Cal Comedy TeamHey Cal students, have you ever wanted to test just how funny you are, perhaps by taking your shot at stand-up comedy? Well if you have, it’s too late now … but it isn’t too late to support Cal’s new comedy team! Just this week, 11 aspiring comics from the UC Berkeley campus came together to battle in a “comedy-off,” hosted by Bay Area favorite, Sammy Obeid. The “comedy-off” permitted each comic three minutes of stage time to let their talent shine and had the audience vote for their favorites to determine the eight members representing Cal’s comedy team.

Jokes ranged from the usual racial puns read more »

ROTFLYAO? Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling you to vote for Batdar!!! in the National College Comedy Competition. Help Erika Budrovich, member of UC Berkeley’s favorite improv outfit jericho!, make the final four so she can showcase at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival and harness all the bragging rights associated with the national title of “Funniest Filmmaker.”

Bonus guerilla improv: Bridgetroll. A classic example of the UC Berkeley student body’s seasoned mastery of the old “Stonewalling Weirdos Asking For Change” maneuver. read more »