For those of you who have taken the trek down to the RSF before, you might be wondering whether there are any swimming pools amidst the myriad of basketball courts and cardio machines. Not only is there a pretty big pool to gawk at, but the people using it are quite impressive themselves. With the recent successful recruitment of megastar Missy Franklin toHow Missy Franklin Affects You Berkeley, our Olympic-sized pool now serves someone who’s already been in and out of a lot of them.

This – obviously – makes our swim team indisputably better, but how does it change the way you live your life?

For all you ladies who inconspicuously stared at Nathan Adrian flipping his hair for the last few years, your time is up. Now it’s the guys’ turn – you can marvel at Franklin…’s five Olympic medals. The girl is a year younger than the current freshman class, and she’s already a bigger global icon than some of us could ever hope to be. She’s bringing just four gold pieces to the university… just four! That is, if you’re ignoring the single bronze and the seven other medals that have been put around her neck at the World Championships.

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Science can explain many things. Maybe it can explain why the Cal baseball team hasn’t made the NCAA tournament since 2001.

Maybe not. But no matter how bad the team performed the last two years, the Bears hitting and pitching coaches can still explain how to perform well on the diamond.

KQED featured Dan Hubbs, the Cal pitching coach, and Jon Zuber, the Bears hitting coach, on a recent episode of “Out of the Park.”

After Hubbs and Zuber explained the mechanics of baseball to two scientists, the scientists explain the physics behind it all. How about we get those two scientists to coach Cal? Maybe the players will learn a thing or two.

But then again, both Zuber and Hubbs have coached major league talent (i.e. Brandon Morrow of the Seattle Mariners). Hubbs is also responsible for Tyson Ross and his bid on the U.S. National Team.

And while it’s nice to see Zuber and Hubbs lend their talent to educational programming, why not focus more of their knowledge on the team? Maybe they’ll start winning. Winning is fun, and it can be educational too.

Cal Baseball Featured on KQED’s Out of the Park: The Physics of Baseball []

BTW, we’re coming to the point of the year where all the sports are slowly coming to an end. It really wouldn’t have been a problem if a) the baseball team made the NCAA tournament, b) the softball team got back to the College World Series and c) football was a year round sport. So without further ado …

*Leading Off…Another Crew Team Fails For National Title*
The men’s crew team failed to repeat as national champs, finishing 26 points behind Washington for the national title.

It sucked that the varsity eight failed to win its race, pretty much derailing any chance for Cal to win the national title.

But overall, the team did well, sending all of its boats to their respective grand finals. No other school did that. The squad also took home three individual titles.

It’s the biggest story of the weekend.

*Track Coach Quits*
Chris Huffins resigned last week, effective after this week’s NCAA championships.

Why he was outed, we really won’t know. But the Chron reports that he left his post among criticisms of his management style.

But what we don’t get is if he has gotten more athletes to regional and NCAA championship meets in the last five years than any other coach in more than a decade, why would anyone care about his management style? He’s been successful.

*Women’s Tennis Coach Retires*
Jan Brogan leaves Cal after almost three decades of coaching.

But why? She just got the Bears to the NCAA semis. Just one more step and she’ll have a team championship, something that has eluded her for 29 years.

*Golden Bears*
_1) John Mann – men’s water polo_
The Heisman Trophy of water polo is named after the winningest coach in Cal history, Pete Cutino. No Bears player has ever won the award until now. Good job, John Mann.

_2-4) The Varsity Four, Freshman Four and Freshman Eight – men’s crew_
National champs. ‘Nuff said.