umeko_tsuda_at_graduation_1890.jpgIt’s time to start planning! For those of us who still have time left to do here at Berkeley, it means it’s time to check Bearfacts before you miss your Tele-Bears appointment (oh, evil of evils), and it’s probably about time to figure out where you’re going to live next year. But for those lauded elite–graduating seniors–it’s time to stop drinking on weeknights and figure out what’s next.

What does that entail? Well, the Berkeley News Center headed to the Grad Fair to find out “What’s left to do and what’s after Cal?” And for most people they talked to, the answer was school, school, some work, and more school. The majority of students surveyed said they were going to grad school, and saw finals as their last hurdle before they graduate and move on–to a masters. Way to stave off the headfirst plunge into that adult version of Never Neverland, “the real world,” for just a few more years, Seniors.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and lots more dollars (and a better economy) for every extra diploma you earn. No, but seriously, we do.

Point of View: Seniors on their Last Weeks at Cal [Berkeley News Center]