So this is why funding for the arts is so low.

According to the New York Times, UC Berkeley somehow misplaced and later donated sold a 22- foot long piece of art for $150. Considering that some 4×6 inch paintings we see at the Oakland Art Murmur are three times more expensive, that’s not a bad deal. Oh, did we mention that it’s valued at over $1 million?

Now, there’s really no reason to get upset, right? It was just a simple, laughable $1 million mistake that any of us could have made. And it’s not like UC Berkeley is in dire straits and would’ve somehow benefited from this tiny bit of extra change they had lying around. And considering you might only find a deal like this at a “Going Out of Business Sale,” you gotta wonder about the symbolic nature of this transaction.

The massive carved wooden panel, ­dating back to 1937, was created by read more »

Stanford Fail

Now, now, kids, it isn’t polite to poke fun at our incompetent adversaries brethren across the Bay. Especially when their failures come at the expense of many thousands of unsuspecting people.

According to The New York Times, the private records of 20,000 emergency room patients at Stanford Hospital were posted on a commercial website where they remained for almost a year (almost a year? Holy sh-) before being discovered last month. While the records did not contain Social Security numbers, birth dates or credit card numbers, they did contain “names, diagnosis codes, account numbers, admission and discharge dates, and billing charges for patients.”

And you thought we were calling them incompetent just to be mean.

Much of the blame, however, is being passed on (what a surprise) to read more »


Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Although UC Berkeley no longer ranks as a politically radical institution, our super nerds are totally leading the Green Revolution. The Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies team at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is leading research aimed towards making more efficient and affordable car batteries. [San Jose Mercury News]

Speaking of nerds and Berkeley, the United Artists Berkeley 7 theater is already expecting at least 600 people for the first showings of the final Harry Potter movie. Better get your tickets now, or just see it later like a normal human being. [Berkeley Patch]

Everyone already knows about state budget cuts and how much they suck, but on the plus side, a Daily Cal editorial about the cuts was cited in the New York Times. [New York Times]

Speaking of opinion pieces and the Daily Cal, if you would like to write for the Daily Cal (and, um, the New York Times?) submit something to the new Letters to the Editor section. [Daily Cal]

Image Source: optimal tweezers under Creative Commons
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facebook kitty

We, the kids these days, rode the social networking wave from its inception as its target members. We get it pretty good by now. This New York Times article, building off a study from none-other-than, UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, takes a look at the current state of privacy on Facebook and how we’re reacting. Read on for our handy little condensation: read more »

O'Malley speaks!According to THE NEW YORK TIMES (ahem, sorry. We just get kind of excited when we talk about legitimate news sources that aren’t moments from death), The Berkeley Daily Planet has been getting some heat for hating on the Jews. Or something.

The article talks about how readers have criticized publisher Becky O’Malley for running anti-semitic letters to the editor, while O’Malley counters that she believes in freedom of speech and that the opinions she prints aren’t necessarily her own. It also addresses the local paper’s financial woes. read more »

3032378977_cf0b28a702If you’re reading this, you probably know that newspapers are going through some rough times. Who needs “Rock of Love” when all the tension and nail-biting drama can be found in the newspaper industry?

In fact, Berkeley’s J-School (Graduate School of Journalism, for the uninitiated) is sponsoring a series of events this semester about the media.

Want a taste? On Oct. 26, they’re showing a docudrama. What’s more, “this docudrama will focus on four young university students as they follow their dream to build a robot that will win the annual robot competition (ROBOCON) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.” Come on, you gotta want a piece of that action!

On Nov. 4, there will be a talk by Scott Rosenberg entitled “We Are All Bloggers Now.” (Oh Rosenberg, you have no idea.) And there’s much, much more.

Still unimpressed? On Oct. 21, Greg Winter, foreign editor of the NEW YORK FREAKING TIMES, gave a talk about international news in the digital age. Here are a few things we learned: read more »

Yay AREAAAAA: NYT Blogged.

The Clog just got some new neighbors. And by “new neighbors” we mean the Internet neighborly equivalent of Gatsby’s mansion or, like, the Taj Mahal or something.

Yep, the Gray Lady has moved in next door and has set up shop, tap tap tapping away at the Bay Area blogosphere. In addition to recently launching its Bay Area Report–a new section dedicated to covering the Bay Area that has been cause for just a touch of controversy due to its possible effects on a certain local publication–THE New York Times has started a Bay Area blog.

It will both do original reporting and highlight stuff from “regional media, bloggers, student publications and Twitter.” (Emphasis is ours.) So, um. What’s up New York Times?

Image Source: Rich Anderson under Creative Commons, edited by Evante Garza-Licudine
Bay Area Blog [NY Times]

yudofOh Mark Yudof. We know the last few months haven’t been the easiest for you. And it can’t be fun to have so many people blaming you for all the university’s problems.

While he may not have made all the best calls, we’re willing to believe that the current budget disaster runs a tad deeper than some misguided  executive pay raises and management decisions.

Which is why we cringed a little bit when we read this interview with him in the New York Times.

read more »

BARE, UC Berkeley’s fashion magazine, got a small mention in a recent New York Times article about cheap glossy printing. Kudos for cross-coast recognition, but what’s even cooler is the photo slideshow that accompanies the article.

The slideshow has some behind-the-scenes shots of BARE and also features editor Doreen Bloch speaking about putting together the magazine. Um, we can haz NYT feechur too?

Image Source: carlos_seo under Creative Commons
Do-It-Yourself Magazines, Cheaply Slick [NYT]
Making a Magazine With MagCloud [NYT]

skater.jpgRemember this guy? That’s funny … so do we!

Apparently, the Clog is fast becoming a veritable “Before they Were Stars” source for Berkeley’s street peeps and protesters.

Case in point: Mute Musical on Wheels guy (as we’ll henceforth refer to him) showing up not just in any ol’ Times, but THE New York Times. OK, so maybe he appeared in an online piece in the Travel section, but, hey, it’s still pretty darn high profile.

Aw, don’t they climb up the journalistic ladder so fast? Seems like just yesterday that Mute Musical on Wheels guy was featured right here on the Clog, alongside Jeeves, our “chauffeur,” back when we were pretty much the only ones who covered Code Pink. Go get ‘em (appropriately orange-clad), tiger! read more »

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