shorts11To most people, the Tenderloin is anything but a wonderland. But a new month-long public art exhibit, entitled just that, has just opened to showcase the “rich diversities of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.” So now you can take a nice stroll through the TL and culture yourself with some fine art at the same time. [Site]

The ASUC Senate finally got around to choosing a finance officer last week, junior Alan Ni. Apparently there was some concern that his previous interest in poker would conflict with his duties as finance officer. Still, was there really that much to deliberate about for the past three weeks? [Daily Cal]

Harvard was recently ranked number one on a list for  something besides best American universities … that’s right, the most Twitter followers. We can’t say we’re upset we didn’t make the list. [The Paper Trail]

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Hey guys, how was your break? Wow that’s fascinating, oh cool look at this:

The campus says no charges will be filed in last semester’s Eshleman Incident due to “inconsistent and ambiguous” testimonies. [Daily Cal]

The Center for Student Conduct and Community Standards will therefore conduct its own investigation, but none of us will know anything about any of it. [NewsCenter]

Berkeley residents argue their cell phone coverage is quite fine, thank you very much, and we don’t need your fancy schmancy telegram poles. [Daily Planet]

A more intense meaning is given to the phrase “starving artist” as Bay Area artists get hit by the recession. Also, galleries close. [InsideBayArea]

Police find the entombed remains of read more »

The LA Times paid us a visit and returns to its motherland with field notes about our humble town. The 27-paragraph article bubbles with wonderment, but boils down to this: we’re liberal, we rock at science and our grub is delish. [LA Times] got ahold of our “Physics for Future Presidents” professor for a chat on the importance of a science-smart U.S. president. Apparently, the “winner” of this Tuesday’s presidential race will be awarded his own copy of the book “Physics for Future Presidents”, among other prizes such as, you know, the role of president. []

200 UC Berkeley students got sucked into some funny money business: A man who promised to subsidize flights for them to campaign for Obama is suspected of fraud. [Daily Cal]

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